1. General Information

Is my bike fitting to be converted to an e-bike or pedelec?

Can I convert my pedelec/e-bike on my own?

Which pedelec conversion kit suits best my purpose?

Front wheel, rear wheel, mid-mount - which one is the best motor solution?

Are conversion kits also available with a cassette motor?

Can I ride my pedelec/e-bike when the motor is switched off? Will this damage the engine?

How do I get my pedelec/e-bike through the winter break?

What can I do to keep having fun with my converted bike as long as possible?

What does EBS Power Management mean?


2. Buying a Conversion Kit Online

How do I order a conversion kit? In five steps to your electric bicycle.

For our Swiss customers: Will I get VAT reimbursed when I export the merchandise to Switzerland by myself?

What do I need to consider when ordering?

How long does delivery take?


3. Conversion by Ebike Solutions

Can I also have my bike converted by Ebike Solutions?

When can I drop off my bike at your work shop?

What exactly will be checked in the free safety inspection?


4. Conversion Using Third-Party Components

Can I combine third-party components with products from Ebike Solutions?


5. Services

Does Ebike Solutions also repair batteries?

Do I get a warranty for my conversion kit?

What do I do in case of a complaint/return?


6. Technical Questions

How many kilometers/miles can I go with my converted bike?


1. General Information

Is my Bike Fitting to Be Converted to an E-Bike or Pedelec?

Basically all types of bike are suited for conversion. With the help of this chart you can see, if your bike can be converted. In case you are still unsure, send us a picture of your bike in a file not larger than 30MB to the following email address: info@ebike-solutions.de. After inspection we will notify you, if a conversion is possible.

Category Properties Applicability of motor installation
Frame Material steel very well suited
  Aluminium well suited
  lightweight construction materials Some special lightweight materials like carbon or magnesium have a limited suitability. Please ask the manufacturer.
Fork Material steel very well suited
  aluminium well suited
  suspension fork Please ask the fork's or the bike's manufacturer
- especially in case of a front wheel motor.
  other Please ask the fork's or the bike's manufacturer
- especially in case of a front wheel motor.
Installation into the Rear Wheel  
Spacing between dropouts 135mm
Brakes disc brakes very well suited
  V-brakes very well suited
  roller brake not suited
  drum brake not suited Perhaps a different brake can be mounted to the frame.
  cantilever brake very well suited
  coaster brake not suited Coaster brake is dispensed with since freewheel is at the cranks.
Shifting derailleur shifting very well suited
  gear hub not suited
Hub Dynamo   very well suited
Installation into the Front Wheel  
Spacing between dropouts 100mm
  for narrow forks
(like Brompton)
Brakes disc brakes very well suited
  V-brakes very well suited
  roller brake well suited, requires a motor with roller brake mount.
  drum brake not suited
  cantilever brake very well suited
  coaster brake very well suited
Shifting derailleur shifting very well suited
  gear hub very well suited
Hub Dynamo with integrated voltage transformer very well suited
Hub Dynamo without integrated voltage transformer The hub dynamo has to be removed, lights can be operated with a voltage transformer (DC-DC) or be fed from the e-drive battery by a Busch & Müller "E-Werk". Both are available in our shop.
Installation at the Bottom Bracket (Mid-Mount Motor)  
  Spacing at the bottom bracket 68mm
  at the frame See frame sketch in product page (not compatible to frames with ISCG 03/05 mount)
Brakes disc brakes very well suited when included brake kill switches will not be installed
  V-brakes very well suited when included brake kill switches will not be installed
  roller brake very well suited
  drum brake very well suited
  cantilever brake very well suited
  coaster brake not suited Coaster brake is dispensed with since freewheel is at the cranks.
Shifting derailleur shifting very well suited
  gear hub very well suited To go easy on the hubs, avoid shifting in high support levels.
Hub Dynamo   very well suited
Crankset triple will be replaced by included single chain ring (46T)
  double will be replaced by included single chain ring (46T)
  single very well suited single chain ring included with delivery.

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Can I Convert my Bike on My Own?

In general everybody can convert their bike into an electric bicycle. Our pedelec and e-bike conversion kits all come with installation instructions for you to get going right away. With our Plug & Drive conversion kit installation time with average skills is around 4 to 6 hours. Please check in advance if the necessary tools are at hand. Otherwise you will find the matching tools in our shop under assembly tools.

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Which Pedelec Conversion Kit Suits Best My Purpose?

We recommend the EBS Plug & Drive V2conversion kit and the EBS Climber V2 conversion kit for riding on plane and on hilly terrain. Within the V2 System, the installed engines can deploy their power to full extent. The EBS Puma V2 conversion kit provides greater torque and is therefore ideally suited for riding long and steep mountain slopes. We also recommend this motor for heavy bikes like tandems and cargo bikes.
You can find more information about choosing the right conversion kit here: Electric bike conversion kits.

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Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Mid-Mount - which one is the Best Motor Solution?

There is no general rule to say what is "THE best" solution. Both varieties of motors have their own specific advantages and disadvantages:

Front wheel motors are super easy to install since there is no need to change anything in your shifting system. Additionally you have a better weight distribution than with a rear wheel motor, especially when the front motor is combined with a rack mounted battery. This way you also have an "all-wheel-drive" bicycle: The front wheel is powered by the motor the rear wheel by your muscles. Yet you need to compromise on the front wheel's traction. On sandy surfaces it can lead to a wheel slip.

Rear wheel motors offer better traction than front wheel motors because most of a bike's weight is on the rear wheel. Installation takes a bit more time since shifting might need to be adjusted. Rear wheel motors can be combined with derailleur shifting, not with gear hubs (e.g. Rohloff), since these are replaced by the motor. Yet, you will see that with e-bikes you will need your shifting a lot less often.

In contrast, Mid-mount motors are installed into the bottom bracket and can therefore be used with gear hubs and hub dynamos. It is especially beneficial to use the gears when going uphill. The motor can reach a higher efficiency factor and conquer slopes more easily. It is also compatible to roller brakes. Due the the design components like for example chain, shifters etc. can wear faster. Make sure to check your bike on a regular basis.

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Are Conversion Kits also Available with a Cassette Motor?

The Bafang 250W motor is also available as cassette motor. It can be combined with our EBS Plug & Drive conversion kit and the EBS Climber conversion kit. Due to the integrated plug-in ring holder, the use of a screw on cogset is not necessary. This has the advantage that you can continue to use your existing ring. The modern cassette system allows a large variety of selectable gear ratios. In addition, group-internal cassettes give you your usual switching precision, which is significantly higher than that of screw on cogsets. The cassette motor has the familiar 6-hole brake disc mounting.

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Can I Ride My Pedelec/E-Bike when the Motor is Switched off? Will this Damage the Motor?

It does not damage the motor when you ride your bike with the system switched off. Since direct drives do not have a freewheel, it is possible for you to feel a little delay slippage. But most of our motors are geared motors with freewheels. With these there are no slippages.

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How Do I Get My Pedelec/E-Bike Through the Winter Break?

When the battery is not in use for a longer period, like a 3 to 6 months winter break, it is ideal to store the battery with 40 to 60% remaining capacity. Storing it this way, the battery will age slower than a fully charged one.
The battery must never be unused for a longer period of time, when completely discharged, because total discharge and irreversible cell damage can occur. Remove the battery from its holder and store it in a dry place between 10 and 25° C (50 to 77° F). A cooler storage will slow down the cells' ageing. No matter, if you send your bike to hibernation or not, please note the following advice:

Safe through the winter with your electric bicycle

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What Can I Do to Keep Having Fun with My Converted Bike as Long as Possible?

1) Choose the appropriate conversion kit for your purposes. Make sure to never overload your system.

2) Correct installation according to the included instructions ia mandatory to ensure your pedelec's/e-bike's functionality.
Before installation, carefully read the instructions. Though conversion is easy, there are some aspects to be taken care of, such as a correct wiring of the cables. If you follow the instructions closely, you increase the components' longevity.

3) Make sure to correctly maintain your conversion kit.
Most important is the correct storage of the battery. When not in use the battery should be stored with 40 to 60% remaining capacity. When the battery is out of use for a longer time, do never have it lying around completely discharged. Avoid excess humidity e.g. by having your bike outside all the time. Never ever use a high-pressure washer to clean the battery on the bike. If necessary use a damp cloth and a mild detergent.
Clean all components on a regular basis.
Like with all other vehicles you should check your pedelec's/ebike's components for wear and functionality.

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What Does EBS Power Management Mean?

With the EBS Power Management you can adapt the driving behaviour of your electric bike much better in accordance to your wishes than before. You now have a direct influence on the strength of the motor assist. The leverls do not only have different speed limits, but are also limited by the current. This means that each level has its own power limit through which you can control the starting speed. This improves your riding control and feeling. More About This

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2. Buying a Conversion Kit Online

How Do I Order a Conversion Kit? In Five Steps to Your Electric Bicycle.

First choose your preferred conversion kit. Depending on model you can choose between front wheel or rear wheel installation.

All conversion kits, except BionX require an additional battery. When you have decided on an E-Bike conversion kit, you can either use one of our standard batteries or you can have a custom battery made by us.

If you want an electric bicycle with rear wheel e-drive, you will also need a freewheel.

Depending on which tools you already have your disposal, we offer you a selection of assembly tools for conversion work in our Online Shop.

The conversion kit only contains the motor. To install the motor into the wheel, you need to order this service, if you want us to do it for you. If you know how to lace a wheel, you can ignore this point. Opposed to that the Bionx conversion kit includes a complete wheel with built-in motor.

In addition to the basic set you can of course order further components. Look around our shop to see which articles might add that certain something to your bike. Find detailed information in our Conversion Advisor.

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For Our Swiss Customers: Will I get VAT Reimbursed when I Export the Merchandise to Switzerland by Myself?

Yes, you will. You can either have your delivery shipped to a German address or pick up your order directly from us and yet will have VAT reimbursed. This is how it works:

  • First you pay for the merchandise including German VAT (19%).
  • When exporting the merchandise have your invoice stamped by the customs authorities of an EU member state and send us the stamped invoice within three months after the invoice date. Please note your SEPA banking data with the invoice.
  • We will reimburse the German VAT to your account immediately.

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What Do I Need to Consider when Ordering?

If you have requested our lacing service with your order please note how many sprockets your freewheel has. Without any specification we will usually true your wheel to fit a seven-speed cogset.

Additional information maybe necessary to convert your bike to your wishes. We will point out to such specific information in the respective products. Please fill in these info into the "Bemerkungen" ("remarks") section during the ordering process.

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How Long Does Delivery Take?

Delivery times are noted in the respective article's detail page. When buying multiple items the respective longest delivery time applies to the whole order.

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3. Conversion by Ebike Solutions

Can I also Have My Bike Converted by Ebike Solutions?


Do you want your complete bike to be converted by us? Including lacing service, cable routing and assembly of all components? Make an appointment with us by phone for your personal conversion. After having made an appointment drop your bike off at our place. On the appointed date we will convert your bike, to be ready for you to pick up the next business day. Costs for your personal conversion will be calculated individually according to labour.

Also: You can also have your bike sent to us via shipping company/parcel service. Refer to your local logistics handler for assistance.

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When Can I Drop off My Bike at Your Work Shop?

If you need advice about the matters of conversion and electric bicycle you can always bring your bike to our work shop during business hours. If you want us to convert your bike, make an appointment with us in advance by phone. To store your bike for a longer period of time before the actual conversion is not possible due to lack of sufficient space.

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What Exactly will Be Checked in the Free Safety Inspection?

When you have your bike converted by us, you will get a free safety inspection. Thereby we make sure your bike is completely safe for traffic when you pick it up. The inspection includes a test ride by one of our mechanics. We will test if the system will work flawlessly when on the road.
About which components will be checked please refer to the following chart:

Safety inspection by EBS
Contact points Handlebar, stem, saddle and seatpost, cranks and pedal will be checked for tightness
brakes Adjustment, ease of operation, wear and tear are checked
Shocks fork play and shock play are tested
Bearings / pivot points Play of all bearings /pivot points are checked (headset, bottom bracket, hubs front and rear)
Tyres measuring of pressure, tyres are checked for wear and cuts.
Wheels Test for lateral trueness
Drivetrain Chain, cassette, chain rings are checked for wear and lubed
e-drive components, motor and cables are checked for functionality
Shifting tested for ease of operation, correct function and rubbing noise
Complete bike The whole bike is checked with a test ride.

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4. Conversion Using Third-Party Components

Can I Combine Third-Party Components with Products from Ebike Solutions?


If you are using our components with those of another supplier we cannot guarantee for a flawless function. Since we are not familiar with another supplier\'s system we cannot provide information about its compatibility to our products. Our IPS and EBS systems are only compatible to our components.

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5. Services

Does Ebike Solutions also Repair Batteries?


We are glad to repair your batteries for you. Find all information about that directly on the product page: Battery cell refreshment.

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Do I Get a Warranty for My Conversion Kit?


The warranty, in accordance with legal regulations is valid for 24 month. For further information please click TAC

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What Do I Do in Case of a Complaint/Return?


Please read our information about right of return. Find the return form here.
Please do do return any merchandise without prior notice. With a return it is important for us to able to definitely ascribe the merchandise to you.

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6. Technical Questions

How Many Kilometres/Miles Can I Go with My Converted Bike?


We offer pedelec batteries in two different capacities. See the following chart which capacity the batteries provide.

Battery range: Pedelec*
Capacity Minimum range Maximum range
9.6Ah 43km (27mls) in hilly terrain 69km (43mls) in the flats
11.6Ah 50km (30mls) in hilly terrain 85km (53mls) in the flats
*non-binding estimates for a trekking bike and usual amount of pedalling, calculated based on our own experience. May vary significantly depending on terrain, riding style, type of bike and weather.

Pedelec batteries are available several different capacities. You can also calculate range by dividing energy (Wh) by consumption (Wh/km).

Example: a battery providing 520Wh combined with an e-drive consuming 7-10 Wh/km offers a minimum range of 52km (32mls) and a maximum range of 75km (47mls).

Find more data in the chart of the respective battery.

Battery range: 520Wh battery as example*
Type of motor Energy consumption Minimum range Maximum range
PUMA 205W 7-10Wh/km 52km (32mls) 75km (47mls)
PUMA 500W 10-15Wh/km 35km (22mls) 52km (32mls)
BMC 1000W 12-20Wh/km 26km (16mls) 44km (27mls)
* non-biding estimates based on our personal experience. May vary significantly depending on terrain, riding style, type of bike and weather.

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