About E-Bikes

Good reasons for conversion

Why Conversion Pays Off:

1. Conversion Saves Money:
Retrofitting a bike is not only cheaper than buying a new bike of the same quality, it especially saves money when you want a backup or need to buy a replacement battery. Our open-system batteries feature the same quality and and performance as proprietary manufacturer batteries while being available for half price.

2. Conversion is Personalized:
You want something light, small, unobtrusive or extra fast and a great range? You have a special-purpose bike or your beloved bike? With us you find solutions for any type of bike and any demand.

3. Conversion is Sustainable:
Simply keep using your existing bike. It's not only environmentally friendly, technology-wise it's the better alternative, when you own a high-quality bike.

4. Conversion is Fun:
Thanks you detailed installation instructions everyone can handle retrofitting. If you think, you are not skilled enough or simply don't have the time, you can of course use our conversion service. Our experienced bicycle mechanics will professionally convert your bike into an e-bike or pedelec.

Electric Bicycle Type: Pedelec

Conversion Pedelec

Within the EU apedelec is considered an ordinary bicycle, meaning neither license nor helmet are mandatory. In Germany, the pedelec is allowed to add a maximum of 250W permanent power to the rider's effort and has to gradually reduce power at a speed of 25kph / 15mls (+/- 10%). The motor may only apply support as long as the rider is pedalling (PAS = Pedal Assist Sensor). An additional start-assist up to 6 kph (4 mph) is permitted. Therefore a pedelec is especially useful in hilly terrain, for everyday tasks such as shopping or for a congestion-free ride to work.

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Electric Bicycle Type: E-Bike

Conversion E-Bike

An e-bike basically is any electric bicycle that is not considered a pedelec. This includes electric bicycles with a motor power above 250W and which can be moved without pedalling. Their maximum speed can be 45kph (28mph) and more. E-Bikes need to haven an operating license and insurance, if they shall be used in public road traffic. A fast and powerful e-bike can be interesting for special leisure applications even within the EU.

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Rules and regulations for e-bikes and pedelecs can vary significantly from country to country! Please inform yourself about current rules and regulations.

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