Electric Bike Conversion Kits


Pedelec Conversion Kits

  • For any type of bicycle
  • complies to StVZO (German traffic licensing laws)
  • from easy to flexible


E-Bike Conversion Kits

  • Our most powerful e-drives for
  • ... highest power requirements
  • ... off-road adventures
  • ... speed junkies
  • up to 1500W

What is an Electric bike conversion kit?

An electric bike conversion kits is used to convert your bike into an electric bicycle. The conversion kits always contains a motor, controls and an electronic controller. In addition to the electric bike conversion kits you need to have the motor laced to a rim by spokes. This takes about an hour and is meticulous handicraft. Therefore we can make sure that the wheel with motor exactly fits into your bike. In the end you select a battery to supply energy to the system.

Which electric bike conversion kit is the right one for me?

E-road bike with Crystalite e-drive

In general we only include pedelec or e-bike conversion kits into our range if they are high-quality and easy to use. If a pedelec or even an e-bike conversion kit is the right choice for you depends on what of speed and power is desired. We recommend to take some time and get an overview - it is worth it!

To help you with your selection, we put together some decision-making guides. To find the right conversion kit for your electric bike, you first need to think about the purpose you want to use your electric bike for. It also important to know if you want to adapt the conversion kit to personal requirements. For all tinkerers with sufficient skills we offer our EBS Flexible 250W conversion kits. Try to answer the following questions:

What kind of electric bike do you need? What do you want to use it for? Are you a do-it-yourselfer?
Pedelec or E-Bike? City trips, riding hills, hauling cargo? Ready-to-use or do-it-yourself?

If you have decided on an electric bike and its purpose, you now can choose a fitting conversion kit from the provided chart.

Pedelec conversion kit Purpose / specialties
EBS Plug & Drive 250W Conversion Kit The classic for city trips
EBS Mid-Mount Motor 250W Conversion Kit compatible to all shift systems
EBS PUMA 250W Conversion Kit Hilly sections, hauling cargo
EBS Bromptonaut - 250W Pedelec Conversion Kit for Brompton
EBS Folding Bike 250W Conversion Kit for Dahons, Birdys, Bernds etc.
BionX 250W Conversion Kit Pedalling force support, recuperation
EBS Flexible 250W Conversion Kit personalized settings, for tinkerers

E-bike conversion kit Purpose / specialties
EBS Mid-Mount Motor 500W Conversion Kit compatible to all shift systems
EBS PUMA 500W Conversion Kit Hills, heavy cargo
EBS Mid-Mount Motor 750W Conversion Kit compatible to all shift systems, more power
EBS BergFex 1000W Conversion Kit steep hills, very heavy cargo
EBS FREAK! 1000W Conversion Kit. high speed, long distances

Electric bike conversion kit - decision tree

Still undecided? No problem! Answer our quiz and get recommendations for your electric bike conversion kit.

Electric bike conversion kit - decision making aidclick picture to enlarge.

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Our Conversion Advisor also can help you to find the right electric bike conversion kit. Here every conversion kit available from us is described with text and pictures.