Bikes with electric motor - Your electric bicycle in five steps

Welcome to our Conversion Advisor. Here, we show you how you convert your beloved bike into a electric bicycle.

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Bike electric motor - Conversion Advisor

Before we start, here is some general information about conversion:

Was does conversion mean?

Conversion means to turn your conventional bike into an electric bicycle. Therefore we only need a few components:

An electric engine for bicycles. It will transfer power to the road. For the conversion we will either use a hub motor located in the hub - the centre of the wheel or a mid-mounted motor which will be installed in the bottom bracket. You install the motor by replacing front or rear wheel by a wheel with motor or by replacing your bottom bracket by a bottom bracket with motor.

A battery. It will supply power to the motor. The more energy is stored inside the battery the longer you can ride.

A controller. It determines how much energy is transferred from the battery to the motor thereby controlling the motor's speed.

Using the controls you activate and regulate the motor. The cadence sensor detects your pedalling motion and activates the motor. Using a power throttle you ride like on a motor bike. You can use either the cadence sensor or the power throttle - or even both.

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Now you know an electric bike's individual components. Is such an investment worth it for you? Here are three of the most important reasons:

Three reasons why conversion is worth it

Bicycle electric motor - conversion is sustainable

1. Conversion is sustainable

You will keep using your existing bike instead of "retiring" it in the cellar/garage. For a high-quality bike this, technology-wise and environmentally, is the best alternative.

Bicycle electric motor - conversion is personal

2. conversion is personal

You want something light, small, unobtrusive or extra fast and a great range? You have a special-purpose bike or your beloved bike? With us you find solutions for any type of bike and any demand.

Bicycle electric motor - conversion saves money

3. conversion saves money:

You want an electric bike that is the same quality as your existing bike? When buying a new bike you have to pay the price for the bike plus the price for the electronics. If the price is less you should be suspicious. Because there might be something wrong with quality. Buying a conversion kit saves you the money for a complete bike.

Conversion - can I do it by myself?

You can change an inner tube? Excellent! Then you also know how to retrofit your bike with an electric motor. The conversion instructions, included in every conversion kit, will support you doing so. The required tools are available from us - even on a rental basis. Should there be any trouble, we will provide advice and support.

And the best thing is: Almost every bike can be converted into an electric bike.

The following video show how N. Hilz converted his bike for his senior class high school project. According to him, the conversion was really easy and cycling with a motor is real fun. What you can see here is an conversion kit consisting of various components the battery is custom-made.

Is my bike suites to be converted into an e-bike or pedelec?

Basically all types of bike are suited for conversion. With the help of this chart you can see, if your bike can be converted. In case you are still unsure, send us a picture of your bike in a file not larger than 10MB to the following email address: After inspection will will notify you, if a conversion is possible.

Suitability of frame and fork
Frame / fork material
Steel ++
Aluminium +
lightweight materials Some special lightweight materials like carbon or magnesium have a limited suitability. Please ask the manufacturer.
Type of fork
Suspension fork Please ask the fork's or the bike's manufacturer
- especially in case of a front wheel motor.
Carbon and other lightweight construction materials Please ask the fork's or the bike's manufacturer
- especially in case of a front wheel motor.

Category rear wheel motor front wheel motor Bottom bracket / mid-mount motor
between dropouts 135mm 100mm (Brompton etc. 82mm)  
at the bottom bracket     68mm // see frame sketch
disc brakes ++ ++ ++ without brake activated kill switch
V-brakes ++ ++ ++ without brake activated kill switch
Roller brake ++ + requires motor with roller brake mount. ++
Drum brake - perhaps a different brake can be mounted to the frame. - ++
Cantilever brake ++ ++ ++
Coaster brake - coaster brake inapplicable ++ - coaster brake inapplicable
Derailleur shifting ++ ++ ++
Gear hub - ++ ++
Hub dynamo
with integrated voltage transformer ++   ++
without integrated voltage transformer   Hub dynamo inapplicable Power supply by battery via DC-DC transformer or BUMM "E-Werk" possible ++
Crankset     will be replaced by included single chain ring (46T)

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Bikes with electric motor - Your electric bicycle in five steps.

Learn how to convert your bike into an electric bike with an electric motor in only five steps. Steps 1 tells you the difference between a pedelec and an e-bike.

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