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Electric bicycle test ride

Visit us for a test ride in the picturesque surroundings of Heidelberg. Our local mountains Königstuhl and Heiligenberg offer you ideal test conditions. You can try one of our three Test tracks for city dwellers, mountaineers or commuters. Test the products that interest you the most. But don't forget to try out other types of electric bicycles as well so that you can make the right choice for you. Some drives are advertised more prominently in the media than others and are therefore more in the focus of the interested parties, but in the end the riding experience remains a subjective feeling. That's why you should try out different conversions.

If you would like to test ride a particular conversion kit, call and reserve it for the desired day.

We recommend the following test pairs:

  • hub motor (front or rear wheel motor) vs. bottom bracket motor (middle motor)
  • front wheel drive vs. rear wheel drive
  • city pedelecs (EBS Plug & Drive / EBS Mid-Drive) vs. pedelecs for mountain hikes (EBS Puma / EBS Climber)


We have installed these EBS products in our test fleet for you:

Pedelecs test drive

E-Bikes Probefahren

EBS Test Tracks

You want to test our EBS conversions more extensively? Then try one of our test tracks! We have defined three routes for you, which correspond to the three main purposes: the pedelec for the city, the commuter or the climber. You already know which conversion kit you want to test on which route? Then get in touch with us and reserve the pedelec of your choice.

Test Rides for City Dwellers

The city tour leads over the Bismarckplatz directly to the Neckar. Along the promenade with a view of the old town, the journey continues to the Old Bridge. The Schlossstrasse has sections with a gradient of approx. 12%. At a height of 80m you reach the Heidelberg Castle.
Electric bicycle for cities

Test Rides for Commuters

The commuter tour leads on side roads from Heidelberg to Eppelheim. Continue on the cycle path along the country road to Plankstadt. On this route you can cycle up to 45km/h on the cycle path. The tour ends directly in front of the entrance of the Schwetzingen Castle.
Electric bicycle for commuters

Test Drives for Mountain Drivers

This challenging tour leads up to the Königsstuhl. An average gradient of approx. 10% is reached with peak values of up to 14%. The Königsstuhl is 567m high and offers a fantastic view over Heidelberg and Mannheim. On the way you can visit the Ehrenfriedhof (cemetery of honour).
Electric bicycle for mountain tours
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