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E-MTB for uphill and downhill

Fast uphill and downhill bike: E-MTB advantages

After all other types of bicycles mountainbikes also follow the trend to the transition into e-mountainbikes, that emerged a couple of years ago in the conversion industry. Retrofit it with electric components and you\'ll get a fast uphill and downhill bike. This way usually most mountainbikes can be converted. All mountains, enduros, freeriders and twentyniners can become electric bikes with ease. No matter if uphill or downhill - fun begins when hopping on.

Pacing power:
Due to the motor\'s power hilly routes are no problem anymore. No need to push your bike to the trail anymore which leaves you more energy for the actual tour. Downhill bikers now can concentrate on the downhill again.

More time for important things:
Your e-MTB\'s high speed and great range enable you to save time on the distances between downhills. Crowded shuttle buses, exhausting foot sections and inconvenient trips by car are now a thing of the past. So fun begins on your way to the start.

perfect for bike tourists:
For all non-specialists, weekend warriors and part-time athletes, e-mountainbikes are the perfect combination of everyday bike and leisure fun. Steep hills, exhausting forest sections, long stretches in the flats all this will not be in the way of you going on tour, au contraire: The e-MTB turns obstacles into challenges.

Balancing differences:
A conversion is especially helpful when riders of different levels of fitness want to ride together as a group. Electric support balances the difference in fitness so everybody can ride together even on longer tours.

Is my bike suited as an e-mountainbike?


As with all other types of bikes for the conversion of a mountainbike it is important that the bike is fully functional. A special focus is on the frame, fork and brakes. It goes without saying that a sturdy frame is at hand since MTB frames are designed to be sturdy in the first place. Lightweight and carbon frames are unsuited for e-MTB conversion. These frames are not made to withstand the additional load caused by a motor. Basically all suspension mountainbikes can be converted just like hardtails. Non the less, some suspension forks do not provide the required stability at the dropouts, which is why we generally recommend the motor to be installed into the rear triangle. In order for all downhills to end safely meticulously maintained V-brakes are a minimum requirement. Even better suited for the use with e-mountainbikes are hydraulic sic brakes.

Is there an e-mountainbike conversion kit?

E-MTB Conversion Kit The best suited product for e-mountainbike conversion is the EBS Puma Conversion Kit. Its high torque offers enough power to conquer mountains with ease. We offer the Puma motor inn two versions: Pedelec or e-bike. Which version suits you best depends on the main purpose. We distinguish between two types of e-mountainbikes: On the one hand there\'s the touring rider who not only needs a lot of torque to conquer hilly routes but also a great range. On the other there\'s the trail rider, downhill specialist and fully enthusiast who needs to use his/her e-drive to cover short distances with very steep inclines.

1. Long tours focussing on range:

Touring bike: E-MTB

Who likes to ride extensive up- and downhills, will find the EBS Puma 250W Conversion Kit the perfect companion. The motor provides a high torque and enables an easy uphill start. With the appropriate pedelec battery you can achieve ranges of up to 100km (62mls) depending on steepness and number of hills. So long rides through the mountains are no problem anymore.

2. Demanding uphill focussing on gradient.

Downhill e-Mountainbike

Who not only wants to make outings into the woods but also ride trails and downhill sections needs additional power. Steep hills to your favourite trails are easy to master with the EBS Puma 500W Conversion Kit. Range is not the most important is is more about best possible support on short but difficult section. Because of that a small Hi-Power Battery is sufficient since this power is only used for a small part of the ride - mostly only to replace other means of transportation such as shuttle buses or lifts. A smaller e-MTB also offers the benefit of being lighter than a more powerful one.

Why use a 36V system when a 48V system is also available?

E-MTB Conversion KitE-Mountainbikes are mostly ridden in mountainous areas. Here, a motor\'s climbing ability is what matters most. Climbing ability stays the same no matter if a system uses 36 or 48V. A 48V system will increase a higher maximum speed in the flats which yet will also increase energy consumption and heat build-up. We recommend the EBS Puma Conversion Kit with 36V battery for an optimum combination of power and range.

E-MTB batteries: Range and power in the mountains

E-MTB Pedelec Battery In addition to power a batteries capacity (higher capacity = greater range) can be important for having fun. It mainly depends on which purpose you mostly need electric support for. Basically the EBS Puma Conversion Kit offers a high amount of torque. Combined with the right battery the e-mountainbike can make the most of its power in any kind of application. A 250W motor with a 36V 11.6Ah Pedelec Battery can achieve a range of 50km (30mls) in hilly terrain and up to 85km (53mls) in the flats - just right for any touring rider. To prevent support from diminishing half way along the tour it is important to know which minimum range the battery needs to provide. Since e-mountainbikes ride mountains far more often than other types of bikes their energy consumption is also much higher. Because of that a greater range than actually needed should be taken into account.

E-MTB E-Bike BatteryIf you want to avoid taking the shuttle bus uphill in the first place but make the uphill less exhausting you will need a less powerful battery. A 500W motor with a 36V 9.6Ah Hi-Power Battery provides you with additional power for the stressful way up. Due its low weight the battery also prevents the e-mountainbike from getting too heavy. If neither weight nor design are of any matter the e-mountainbike can be upgraded to be a real work horse. Our most powerful Hi-Power Batteries with 36V and 20.3Ah will increase the range of a 500W Puma motor to up to 70km (44mls). In general, this refers all claimed numbers for range: These are non-binding estimates for a trekking bike and usual amount of pedalling, calculated based on our own experience. These number depend on gained elevation, riding style and type of bike.

E-MTBs and their frames

Some batteries cannot be attached to mountainbikes due to their frame construction. There are two alternative solutions for this. First, you can carry the battery in a backpack with an extension cord. This method is suited especially for downhill bikes. Second, there\'s the custom battery option. We can build various shapes of batteries in our electronics work shop. This way we can individually adapt to all different types of frames. We not only offer alternatives to standard batteries in terms of outer design but also in terms of size and performance we adapt them to customers\' wishes.

MTB battery bagMTB battery bag

EBS Hi-Power Battery inside a MTB battery bag.

E-MTB Custom Made MTB BatteryE-MTB Custom Made MTB Battery

For this Univega the battery was custom made to the customers requirements. With our service custom made battery any challenge can be handled.

Battery placement in different e-mountainbikes

There are just as many ways to attach as there are types of frames. For you, we have put together the six most common. The batteries\' dimensions are listed in the product descriptions.

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