3 x 3 Good Reasons

Benefits of E-Bikes

Three Good Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

1. Getting there faster:
With a pedelec you'll be able to ride longer distances with a speed of 25kph (15mph) - without a pro cyclist's training.

2. You decide how much effort you want to put into it:
Thanks to motor support getting sweaty from struggling uphill is now a matter of the past - unless you deliberately decide to do so. That way you will reach your destination fresh and dynamic.

3. You save the environment:
Your car stays at home more often and maybe there's no need for a secondary car thanks to your electric bicycle.

Three Good Reasons for Conversion

1. Conversion is sustainable:
You will keep using your existing bike instead of "retiring" it in the cellar/garage. For a high-quality bike this, technology-wise and environmentally, is the best alternative.

2. Conversion is individual:
You want something light, small, unobtrusive or extra fast and a great range? You have a special-purpose bike or your beloved bike? With us you find solutions for any type of bike and any demand.

3. Conversion saves money:
You want an electric bike that is the same quality as your existing bike? When buying a new bike you have to pay the price for the bike plus the price for the electronics. When you pay less, you can usually expect lower quality. Buying a conversion kit saves you the money for a complete bike.

Three Good Reasons why Electric Bike Solutions is the Right Conversion Partner

 EBS Elektrogrin

1. For every demand and every bike we offer the appropriate components:
From us you'll find an extensive selection of conversion kits, motors, batteries and accessories. We exclusively sell hi-quality products from reputable manufacturers who use the latest technology. Our product can be combined in a modular fashion. We promote open standard to make our customers independent from single manufacturers.

2. Qualified advice and professional service:
Be it on our websites, via email at the phone or at our location in Heidelberg: It is always our goal, to provide you with the best information for your decision. To keep fair and independent from manufacturers, we consciously offer a broad selection. Our personalized service completes this offer: We custom tailor batteries, build wheels, provide a conversion service and perform repairs - in case anything should ever be defect.

3. Risk-free shopping thanks to 30 day right of return:
In case anything doesn't fit properly you can return your merchandise to us within 30 days - no problem. Only in case of individually sourced or crafted product we will charge a small handling fee.

We do not only sell products we also offer customised solutions for every bike. Welcome to your solution provider for electric-drive bike components.

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