Speed pedelec conversion

A speed pedelec or s-pedelec is a bike with a motor that will also support you up to 20kph without pedalling. Over 20kph the motor may only be activated by pedalling. Over as speed of 45kph the e-drive has to switch off. Motor power must not be over 500W. In order to use the speed pedelec on public roads you need to have an operating license and liability insurance (Germany: small license plate) and a moped driving license. In addition and S-pedelec must be equipped with the following items:

  • Rear view mirror
  • self-collapsing kickstand
  • license plate
  • minimum tyre profile of 1mm
  • Tyres with "ECE" license
  • two independent brakes
  • brake levers with spherical heads
  • Extra lateral reflectors
  • fixed pedal reflectors
  • fixed lighting system

EBS motor for Speed Pedelecs

Speed Pedelec MotorIn our range the EBS PUMA 500W motor fulfills these requirements. To reach the maximum speed of a speed pedelec either a PUMA motor with 250rpm will be laced to a 28" rim or a PUMA 275rpm motor will be built into a 26" wheel. With this combination 45kph will be reached but not exceeded. The following chart shows how speed behaves in relation to wheel size and rpms.

show PUMA motor

Speed in basic set-up

Wheel size in inches rpm at 36V Speed
28" 200rpm 26 kph (16mph)
26" 225rpm 27 kph (17mph)

Speed as speed pedelec

Wheel size in inches rpm at 48V Speed
28" 260rpm 35kph
28" 325rpm 44kph
26" 290rpm 36kph
26" 360rpm 45kph

The EBS PUMA 500W Conversion Kit
Since our EBS controllers are not set up for the requirements of a speed pedelec, the EBS PUMA 500W does not comply to legal regulations. Yet, with necessary knowledge the EBS Programmable Controller can be set to the required limits. Then it its important to switch off the operation by power throttle since a limitation of the power throttle up to 20kph is not possible at the time. Support can therefore only be activated via PAS.

Hi-Power Batteries for speed pedelecs

Speed Pedelec BatteriesOur Hi-Power lithium-ion batteries are available in different sizes. Depending on model a range up to 100km are possible. These batteries are handmade by us in our premises. This means we can adapt to even the fanciest customer ideas. A popular trend is to fit a "tank" into the frame triangle. The individual cell are fitted into form so the battery can completely disappear inside the tank. For use with a speed pedelec we recommend our 48V varieties. What range is possible with these batteries is shown in the following chart.

Range of a speed pedelec

48V battery with 11.6Ah 12.8Ah 14.5Ah 16.0Ah 17.4Ah 20.3Ah 23.2Ah
minimum range 37km 41km 46km 51km 56km 65km 74km
maximum range 56km 61km 70km 77km 84km 97km 111km
see see see see see see see
* non-biding estimates based on our personal experience. May vary significantly depending on terrain, riding style, type of bike and weather.

Speed pedelec with custom battery

Speed pedelec accessories

Speed pedelec accessories

Battery bags for s-pedelecs

For our EBS Batteries fitting bags are available. These are attached to the speed pedelec's top tube or
at the pannier rack using velcro straps. Thanks to the padding and the water repellent material
the battery is always well protected. Small items like keys, mobile phone and wallet also fit inside easily. The bags are available in different sizes and shapes. Which bag fits which battery can be read directly in the product pages. Of course batteries can also be carried on the speed pedelec inside conventional pannier bags such as those from Ortlieb.

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Bike lights for s-pedelecs

For the speed pedelec to be clearly visible at night it needs a functional set of lights. In addition to individual rear lights and lighting sets there's also special head lights for electric bicycles. The Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Fly E is very bright, particularly in an area of 4m right in front of the bike. Especially for speed pedelecs powerful lights are important
not only to be seen by other road users but also to spot road damage or obstacles in time.

show lights

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