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E-Bike up to 45kph

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Commuting for many is the only possibility to get to their work place. When doing so, endless congestions, red lights and stressed-out motorists are a frequent encounter. Cycling is one alternative to driving a car, but the longer travelling time and the necessary physical condition can be discouraging. The solution? An E-Bike up to 45kph (28mph)

E-Bike up to 45kph (28mph)

"E-Bike" has become the accepted umbrella term for electric bicycles and refers to any bike that is propelled by an electric motor. More specific names are pedelec and s-pedelec. In Germany, bikes considered as pedelecs have a motor of 250W of power or less that support the rider to a maximum speed of 25kph and only when the pedals are pushed. Speed pedelecs (s-pedelecs) can go up to 20kph without pedalling, above that the rider has to pedal along to reach speeds of up to 45kph. To be street legal, law requires a license plate. We use the term e-bike for electric bicycles that to not belong into the pedelec category either because of motor power, due to an unlimited power throttle of maximum speeds beyond 25kph. Some e-bikes can reach 45kph maximum speed some models even more.


Denomination Power Speed Activation Insurance License
Pedelec 250W up to 25kph Cadence sensor no no
S-Pedelec up to 500W up to 45kph Cadence sensor / power throttle yes yes
E-Bike starting at 250W starting at 25kph Cadence sensor / power throttle yes yes


New trend: Riding with speeds up to 45kph (28mph)


New trend: Riding with speeds up to 45kph (28mph)E-Bike get increasingly popular especially the fast varieties that can obtain speeds of 45kph and more depending on motor power. Getting to work stress-free and relaxed with looking for parking spots or long congestions that's what many people want. That's what an e-bike is made for: Getting there fast and relaxed. Also this way of mobility is environmentally friendlier and more cost effective than a vehicle with an expensive combustion engine. While others are waiting at the station for their delayed connecting train, an e-bike can ride the rest of the trip with up to 45kph.

E-Bike up to 45kph (28mph) as folding bikeSmall foldings bikes can also be converted into e-bikes. Even our bigger made-for-45kph-motors like the 500W PUMA fit into folding bikes. A conversion especially suited for commuters, since travel times between train station and work place or residence respectively are significantly shortened. With almost no problem the bike can still be folded and carried effortlessly. In the last few years there has been a trend towards pedelecs and e-bikes. Some years ago mostly older people were interested in pedelecs, when now even younger people switch to e-bikes. Especially the faster varieties with up to 45kph top speed are interesting to this generation.

But these e-bikes not only are great for commuting but also for everyone who likes to be outside in their leisure time. With an e-bike long uphills are no problem anymore . With a speed of up to 45kph riding in the flats, too becomes a real great experience. For riding fun to stay longer, you can choose from different battery capacities. Small batteries are suited for shorter distances, for longer distances a larger capacity can be chosen or you can alternate between two smaller batteries.


Fast e-bike benefits


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Statistics confirm that for most people it is the most important to get from A to B in the shortest possible time. Second most important is riding fun. An e-bike with a higher speed of 45kph offers both: Arriving faster and a lot of when when riding.

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The average commuter travels a distance of 10 to 20km mostly with the car being the first choice for most. People who work in the same community where they also live often use a bike to get to their work place. With a fast e-bike the average commuter can easily leave the car in the garage.


A comparison between e-bikes and cars clearly shows that a 45kph e-bike can also travel longer distances in quite a short period of time. Another advantage is a significantly lower energy consumption. While the average car reaches the maximum value of 6kWh over 10km the difference between bike and e-bike is negligible. With fuel prices rising the e-bike is also a cost-saving alternative. a full battery charge costs less than 10ct and therefore even less than your hot shower inthe morning.

Travel distance 10 km (6.2mls)
  distance in km travel time in min Energy consumption in kWh
Bicycle 10km (6.5mls) 30min 0kWh
Pedelec 10km (6.5mls) 25min 0.01kWh
E-Bike up to 45kph (28mph) 10km (6.5mls) 15min 0.01kWh
Car 10km (6.5mls) 10min 6.03kWh


Travel distance 20km (13mls)
  distance in km travel time in min Energy consumption in kWh
Bicycle 20km (13mls) 60min 0kWh
Pedelec 20km (13mls) 50min 0.02kWh
E-Bike up to 45kph (28mph) 20km (13mls) 30min 0.02kWh
Car 20km (13mls) 20min 12.06kWh


Travel distance 30km (19mls)
  distance in km travel time in min Energy consumption in kWh
Bicycle 30km (19mls) 90min 0kWh
Pedelec 30km (19mls) 75min 0.03kWh
E-Bike up to 45kph (28mph) 30km (19mls) 45min 0.03kWh
Car 30km (19mls) 30min 18.09kWh


Open your eyes in traffic


It should be noted that riding a fast e-bike also means more responsibility. An anticipatory riding style and wearing a helmet is mandatory. Cat's eyes and a functioning light are important to be seen in time by other road users. Despite e-bikes' growing publicity many pedestrians and motorists cannot properly assess their speed. Therefore utmost caution is advised. You may ride your 45kph e-bike on bike lanes/paths only when these are signposted as moped lanes.

As long as you follow these rules a 45kph e-bike is a true help in everyday life. So the car can stay at home.


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