Watts Up

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w/ Plug:

  • aewu01-blk
    • for systems with EBS programmable controllers
    • For high precision measurements
    • Fuel gauge for your battery
    • Show important electric parameters
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The handy WattsUp is small, light and very easy to use. WattsUp measures the most... altro

The handy WattsUp is small, light and very easy to use. WattsUp measures the most important electrical parameters very easily and with very high precision:

  • Voltage 0 to 60V*
  • current: up to 100A (50A continuous current) **
  • Power: up to 6554W
  • Energy: up to 6554Wh
  • Capacity: up to 65 Ah

Additionally maximum current, minimum current and maximum power are displayed. The number automatically rotate on the display.

Use WattsUp:
  • to prevent peak currents that could harm the battery
  • to control the effective operating voltage under load
  • to control the battery\'s absolute and remaining capacity
  • to regulate battery cells
  • to control the charging device\'s work process
  • to control the operating current

WattsUp is plugged between source and appliance, e.g. between:

  • Battery and motor
  • charger and battery
  • battery and discharge resistor (to measure battery capacity)
  • ...

Plug & Play: On request, our WattsUp is also available with the well-proven 45A reverse polarity-proof Anderson® PowerPole® connectors. For attachment we recommend self adhesive Velcro tape.

* Starting at 4V operating voltage power is supplied directly from the source. Measuring below 4V down to 0 is possible by an external supply battery only. Input current is only 7mA which hardly affects measuring at all.

** A 1mOhm shunt provides current measuring.