Display a 6 fasi con aiuto all\'avviamento e indicatore di stato della batteria

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For Rated Voltage:

  • aesw6s-33
    • for systems with EBS programmable controllers
    • Speed adjustable to six levels
    • Battery capacity displayed by 4 diodes
    • Versions for 24V, 36V and 48V
  • Livraison gratuite dans l'UE à partir de €500
  • 45 jours droit de retour
  • Retours gratuits et faciles
A hint in advance: This display is a first generation display and not compatible to our new... altro

A hint in advance:
This display is a first generation display and not compatible to our new V2 standard. Our V2-compatible controllers are all marked "V2" in the article description.

This display shows the remaining battery capacity via 4 diodes based on voltage. To make use of the 6-level display it has to be connected to a cadence sensor. The latter delivers the required signals to the display. If you wish to use the 6-level display in conjunction with a power throttle, please considers the following advice.

The push-assist pushes the bike forward in low rpm-range, as long as you press the button. As soon as you release the button, the support stops. When pedalling you can choose between six levels of maximum speed. In the highest level 6 the system reaches 100% of the maximum speed. In step 0 the support is switched off.


The 6-level display is available in a 24V, 36V and 48V version. The 6-level display is only suited to work with Electric Bike Solutions' programmable controllers. Delivery includes an adaptor cable to be connected to the controller's power throttle port.

Can be used with power throttle

In order to use the 6-level display with a power throttle, you need a Y-cable adaptor to connect these components. The cable can be found under "recommended accessories" at the bottom of this page. The six levels of the display only refer to the cadence sensor (PAS) but have no influence on the power throttle. You can also use the display without PAS then its function is reduced to a battery capacity monitor.

Simultaneous use with tree-position switch

You can simultaneously use the 6-level display with a 3-position switch,since both controls have their own perspective contact. With simultaneous use you'll have 18 steps available. Of course, all systems work on their own.

New orders: Please inform us with an order note

If you order a new controller, please note during the payment process if you want to use the 6-level display in connection with a 3-position switch or not. Only this way we can make sure to correctly program the controller.

You already possess an EBS programmable controller?

If you already possess an EBS programmable controller, you can keep using it. To receive all 18 steps connect the display as shown in the instructions and leave the 3-position switch attached to the controller. If you only want to use 6 levels connect the cables black and green to permanently shift to position 3. This way all 6 display levels reach maximum speed. Refer to the chart to see which cables have to be by-passed for which position. For an extra charge, you can also send us your controller for us to reprogram it for you.

Steps Bridge between
1 black - red
2 none
3 black - green
Controller EBS 36V 15A Controller EBS 36V 15A
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