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Upgrade your motor with these planetary gear cogs or replace worn-out cogs. Nylon...meer

Upgrade your motor with these planetary gear cogs or replace worn-out cogs.

Nylon gear cogs are standard, built into many gear motors.

You can upgrade your motor using a special 54 teeth composite gear cog or steel gear cog. When a heavy load is applied the gears can slip breaking individual teeth from the cogs. You can prevent that by replacing a Nylon gear cog with a composite cog, since the highest load is applied to the sturdiest cog.

We recommend to use only one steel cog, since motors with three steel cogs are a lot louder. Gear cogs from high-quality composite offer an optimum balance between longevity and low-noise. Tank to the grey special material's outstanding properties you can replace all three gear cogs and noise will stay low on an acceptable level.

Please choose the appropriate type. Use the number of teeth in your existing cogs as an orientation.

Price refers to a single cog, usually three are necessary for one motor. Gear cogs are suited for identical motors from PUMA, EZEE and BMC.

Technical data mopu-r-rp-gegy mopu-r-rp-gebl mopu-r-rp-gest mopu-r-rp-geny
Teeth 54T 54T 54T 54T
Material Polyamide composite Polyamide composite Steel Nylon
Colour grey blue metal-grey white
Outside diameter in mm 56 56 56
Width in mm 9.1 9.8 9.9
Mounting bolt diameter in mm 8 8 8


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