Maxon BIKEDRIVE MX33 Umbausatz: schnelles E-Bike

Maxon BIKEDRIVE MX33 Umbausatz: schnelles E-Bike
Go beyond the 25km/h speed limit with the Maxon MX33 conversion kit. The dotX33 gives you...meer

Go beyond the 25km/h speed limit with the Maxon MX33 conversion kit. The dotX33 gives you additional speed and allows you to reach a top speed of 33km/h. The high acceleration of this drive system makes it even possible to reach this speed within 3 seconds! With the exception of the throttle grip, the MX33 retrofit kit consists of the same components and offers you the same advantages as the MX25 pedelec version. These include fast starting, powerful thrust and innovative operation. Just like the other Maxon drives, the MX33 has also undergone the e-bike product tests of the Institute for Energy and Mobility of the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Maxon's e-drive eclipsed all competitor products and was awarded the title: Best E-Bike Drive 2017. It outperformed all the other drive systems, especially in the areas of acceleration and starting. Just like the pedelec version, the MX33 conversion kit is also ideal for off-road tracks and mountain rides. The last drive stage, the Turbo Function, is designed for particularly high gradients and helps you to conquer even steep hiking trails. The operation happens completely via a throttle grip instead of a display. You can move from one support level to the next with a flick of the wrist. At the same time, important information such as battery status, engine temperature and support level can be viewed via the LED lights on the Power grip. The powerful, dynamic and at the same time intuitive riding experience provide you with a lot of fun on downhill trails and also when riding uphill.

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The Maxon BIKEDRIVE - E-Bike Conversion Kit... and its Preferred Area of Application
» a real powerhouse, especially for MTBs
» ideal for offroad and city regions
» the drive with the best acceleration!
» for tours in the plain and on hills
» light and strong
» also defeats long gradients
The Components of the Maxon BIKEDRIVE Drive Basic Box All small parts required for the... meer

The Components of the Maxon BIKEDRIVE Drive

Basic Box

All small parts required for the conversion are located in the basic box. These include, for example, various cables, fixing materials, sensors, adapters, torque supports, cranks, plugs and various other parts depending on the retrofit kit. For some conversions we offer a basic box for the front wheel and rear wheel. Make sure that the selected base box fits your type of engine.

Maxon BIKEDRIVE Hinterradmotor 36V

Maxon MX33 and MX33 Boost Rear Wheel Motor

The Maxon rear wheel motors have an enormous power development. The MX33 provides a powerful 500W drive with the most dynamic thrust, that is currently available on the e-bike market. The strong torque of 50Nm supports the rider even on the toughest gradients. Tests with the BIKEDRIVE showed remarkable results: 1000 meter uphill with an average gradient of 10% can be mastered by a normally trained rider (approx. 80 kg) in only 30 minutes. Another special feature of the Maxon motor is its design, which allows an efficiency of over 85% and thus a range of over 50km. The combination of compressed power and low weight (3.5kg) makes the Maxon motor unique worldwide.
Note: The MX25 and the MX25Boost differ only in the hub spacing of the motor. Please refer to the technical table at the end of this page for the corresponding hub spacing.

Maxon BIKE<b>DRIVE</b> BX360 Lithium-Ionen Akku

Maxon BX500 Lithium-Ion Battery

Small, compact and with a weight of only 2,8kg, this 500Wh battery can be easily integrated into the bicycle frame. The BX500 48V battery is precisely matched to the drive system. Just like the motor, the Maxon battery is also very efficient. While driving, the energy consumption stays so low, that a range of up to 80km may be possible. Almost70% of the battery volume is reached within the first three and a half hours. The lockable water bottle battery holder for the BX500 is already included in the conversion kit.

Maxon PowerGrip dotX25 Gasgriff

Maxon PowerGrip dotX33 Throttle Grip

Instead of a display, the Maxon BIKEDRIVE conversion kit is controlled via a throttle grip. This allows a simple and intuitive operation of the electric drive. Instead of buttons, the support levels are changed by turning the handle - just like on a motorcycle. LED lights on the handle allow you to see the battery status, the support level and the engine temperature at the same time. The dotX33 allows a speed of up to 33km/h. The torque levels are divided into 3 modes plus a push-assist at step speed. If the handle is turned beyond the highest level, the 50NmTorque Turbo function will be activated for a short time, which will also help you to climb the steepest paths. To keep you in control of the speed of your pedelec, the system immediately switches back to HIGH level after the Turbo Mode and does not push the pedelec after braking in steep curves.


The Technology Behind the Maxon BIKEDRIVE Conversion Kit

 Motoren von Maxon

E-Drives for Medical and Aeronautical Applications

The Maxon BIKEDRIVE conversion kit was developed by drive specialists from medical and aerospace industries. Similar motors are used in precise prostheses and reliable operation robots. Maxon has even built engines for NASA and looks back on 50 years of experience in manufacturing drives, that can withstand the toughest conditions. With its BIKEDRIVE system, Maxon now brings its know-how to the e-bike industry and develops unique motors for both pedelecs and S-pedelecs.

Motor mit integriertem Klinkenfreilauf


Sophisticated Gearmotor

The Maxon pedelec motor is elaborately and sophisticatedly designed. A ratchet freewheel is already integrated inside the motor. This allows you to ride your e-bike with hardly any resistance, when the motor support is switched off. So if your battery is empty and you don't have a charger or a spare battery with you, you can continue riding your e-bike effortlessly like a normal bike. Also a Controller, as well as aspeed sensor and a cadence sensor are already integrated in the motor. This means that you have fewer components on the bike and only two cables on the entire system! Thanks to the gearbox, the motor can provide you with a compact size and a high torque, even at a low speed. You will notice the power of the motor at every torque level. The motor is particularly robust due to the steel gears. Since steel is used instead of the usual nylon, the motor is much more robust and requires less maintenance than conventional pedelec motors on the market.

Motor ohne Eisenkern

BIKEDRIVE System with an Efficiency of over 85%

A big advantage of the Maxon BIKEDRIVE motor is its ironless winding. Since there is no iron core, iron losses cannot occur. In this way, the magnetization remains constant in the entire magnetic circuit. The result is a particularly high efficiency of over 85%. Another advantage: Without an iron core, there are no soft magnetic teeth that are interacting with the permanent magnet. Consequently, there is no cogging torque. The torque thus generates an even and jerk-free running.

Gasgriff mit Temperaturanzeige

Motor with Integrated Thermal Protection

Maxon has already developed engines for NASA, that can withstand the most difficult temperature conditions. Integrated regulatory measures automatically protect the BIKEDRIVE pedelec motor from overheating. If the temperature is too high, the performance will be reduced without switching off completely. The current temperature level is indicated by LED lights on the Powergrip. The Maxon motor also cools down much faster than common motors. After you have stopped your e-bike, you can see on the LED lights of the Powergrip how the temperature is dropping in a matter of seconds.

The Maxon Drives in Comparison Motor Maxon MX33 Maxon MX33 Boost Type... meer
The Maxon Drives in Comparison
Motor Maxon MX33 Maxon MX33 Boost
Type Brushless Three-Phase Motor Brushless Three-Phase Motor
Rated Voltage 48V 48V
Rated Power 500W 500W
Continuous Torque 25Nm 25Nm
Torque (maximum) 50Nm 50Nm
Efficiency 85% 85%
Speed (maximum) 33km/h 33km/h
Weight (including hub) approx. 3,5kg approx. 3,5kg
Dimensions (HxW) 145 x 135/142mm 145 x 141/148mm
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C -20°C to +50°C
Installation In Rear Wheel Rear Wheel
Throttle PowerGrip dotX25 PowerGrip dotX25
Power Management Yes Yes
Hub Spacing of the Motor 135/142mm 141/148mm
Construction Type Direct Current Motor with Freewheel Direct Current Motor with Freewheel
Brake Disc Holder Yes Yes
Recuperation No No



Maxon BX500 Battery
Type Lithium Ion Battery
Dimensions 285 x 86 x 120mm
Accumulator Weight 2.8kg
Rated Voltage 48V
Rated Charge 10.4Ah
Energy 500Wh
Loading Time 4.5h
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Charge Temperature 10°C to +45°C
Storage Temperature 0°C to +30°C
Type Fast Charger
Rated Voltage 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Output Voltage 54.6 VDC
Charge Current 5A
Weight 1.4kg
Dimensions 189 x 90 x 65mm
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +65°C
Humidity 5 to 65% (non condensing)
Application Only for Indoor Use
Maxon PowerGrip dotx33  
Type Electronic Throttle Handle
Speed Up to 33km/h
Weight 56g
Please note: Rules and regulations for e-bikes and pedelecs can vary significantly from... meer

Please note: Rules and regulations for e-bikes and pedelecs can vary significantly from country to country! Please inform yourself about current rules and regulations.

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