EBS Plug & Drive V2 - 250W Pedelec Umbausatz

EBS Plug & Drive V2 - 250W Pedelec Umbausatz
The EBS Plug & Drive Conversion Kit ... The EBS Plug & Drive Conversion Kit is our...meer

The EBS Plug & Drive Conversion Kit ...

The EBS Plug & Drive Conversion Kit is our all-rounder for every city bike, touring bike, mountain bike or trekking bike. It is compact, unobtrusive and perfectly suited for daily city rides as well as excursions into nature. It supports you when you go shopping or on your way to work. The light and quiet AKM-G motor enables effortless movement, whether on short trips in the city or on longer trips across the countryside. The EBS Plug & Drive conversion kit means great support for those who cycle frequently and like to decide for themselves how much effort they want to put into it. With our EBS Plug & Drive you can achieve ranges of up to 100km and return home relaxed and safe from every tour.

...as Improved V2 Version

The V2 version is characterized by a significantly lower total weight, reduced noise and a wide range of tuning options. All V2 conversion kits are usually composed of a light and small motor, a controller with field-oriented control (FOC) and a colour display with USB connection. Both display and controller feature the extended V2 communication protocol. This offers you much more adjustment options via display and a better control over the riding style of your pedelec than ever before. With the Plug & Drive, you have the possibility to transform your bike into a very light pedelec, whose weight, depending on the base wheel, is significantly lower than that of many standard pedelecs.

The EBS Plug & Drive V2 250W Pedelec conversion kit... and its preferred field of application
» the all-rounder for all wheel types
» ideal for daily use
simply plug together and drive off!
for Flat and hill country tours
light and subtle
trips in and around the city
Components of the EBS Plug & Drive V2 Conversion Kit The EBS AKM-G Geared Motor -... meer

Components of the EBS Plug & Drive V2 Conversion Kit

EBS AKM-G Nabenmotor 36V 250W

The EBS AKM-G Geared Motor - Small, Light and Quiet

The AKM-G electric motor has a two-stage gearbox, which is helically geared in its first stage. This results in a very quiet engine operation and a surprisingly high torque, despite the small motor size. The integrated freewheel is so smooth-running that you are not braked when riding  with the system switched off. While riding, the built-in NTC Thermistor monitors the engine temperature and automatically shuts it off when needed to protect the system from overheating.

The rear-wheel motor cassette holder allows you to continue using your old cassette. It is compatible with almost all commercially available models, often also with 11x cassettes. Both the front wheel and the rear wheel motor have a standard 6-hole brake disc holder, which you can use to mount your existing brake disc holder. Depending on the selected rim, the drives are suitable for both disc and V-brakes.

Farbdisplay mit V2-Kommunikationsprotokoll

Colour Display with Control Options

You will receive a modern TFT colour display with USB connection for charging your smartphone. The V2 communication protocol allows you to make various settings yourself directly via display. These include the number of support levels, the response behaviour of the pedal sensor or the starting behaviour of the motor. You can individually adjust the strength of the support for each level, so that the riding behavior can be optimally adjusted to your needs. The display shows the battery charge level, the current speed, the support level selected and the mileage covered.


Standard-Controller mit FOC

EBS Controller with FOC

The various current limits are selected in the controller via display, which results in a very natural riding experience. The support levels cover a wide range from gentle tail wind to sporty acceleration. The Field-Oriented Control (FOC) increases the efficiency of the motor and thereby the range of your pedelec. The main advantage of the FOC Technology though is the reduction of harmonics in the motor winding. This makes the motor run even calmer and quieter. Another new feature of the V2 controller is the thermal protection. The controller permanently monitors the temperature thermistor ("NTC") of the AKM-G motor and switches off the support to protect the system in the event of an overload. Full support is available until the system is switched off. You can therefore tackle any gradients without hesitation. The Plug & Drive V2 is therefore also suitable for track profiles with higher gradients of up to approx. 10% and 100 meter uphill (depending on the total weight, impeller size and other parameters).

Due to its slim design, the standard controller included in the set is easy to install in most cases. However, other housing formats are also available if required. Some of these are even integrated into the battery holder, which makes the conversion even more discreet. The integrated controllers are currently available for our popular drinking bottle batteries and the V1 frame battery.

PAS Tretsensor für den V2 Pedelec Umbausatz

EBS Cadence Sensor for your Bottom Bracket

The Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) detects the rider's pedalling movement and controls the support provided by the engine. The separable magnetic disc for a square bottom bracket is supplied as standard, which only has to be attached to the bottom bracket axle - no further work on the bottom bracket is required, no assembly tools are required. Note: If you have a Hollowtech II or Octalink bottom bracket, you will need a different magnetic disc. Select the appropriate EBS pedal sensor set for you under the menu item "Upgrade options" at the top of the page. For assistance in determining your bottom bracket, see Electric Bicycle Technology:

EBS Pedelec Akku für V2 Nachrüstsatz

36V EBS Pedelec Battery

To operate the EBS Plug & Drive V2 conversion kit, you need a rechargeable battery. Ebike Solutions offers EBS pedelec batteries in various designs, e.g. in the form of a water bottle, as a frame battery or in the luggage carrier. Depending on the battery model selected, ranges of over 100km are also possible under everyday conditions (*with 36V 24Ah battery - 870 Wh). Optionally you can also use an already existing 36V battery. This must have a continuous current carrying capacity of 15A or more in addition to the matching battery plug.


EBS Plug & Drive 250W Pedelec Umbausatz Feature: Gasgriff

Thumb Throttle as Start-Assist

Optionally you can connect a thumb throttle with a start-assist up to 6 km/h to your system. This makes it easier for you to start from a standing position and helps you to push a heavy bicycle. The starting speed can be precisely adjusted and the short reaction time is ideal for a quick start at the traffic lights. The legal guidelines for pedelecs* are still adhered to. A thumb throttle is not required to operate the conversion kit. When purchasing, you can choose from various ergonomic shapes, the function is the same in each case.

* Rules and regulations for e-bikes and pedelecs can vary significantly from country to country! Please inform yourself about current rules and regulations.

Technical Details   EBS AKM-G front wheel motor EBS AKM-G rear wheel motor... meer

Technical Details

  EBS AKM-G front wheel motor EBS AKM-G rear wheel motor
Maximum Speed 25 km/h 25 km/h
Climb Rate Good Good
Installation Time approx. 3 hours approx. 3 hours
Motor Colour Black / Silver Black / Silver
Installation In Front Wheel Rear Wheel
Wheel Size 16/18/20/24/26/27.5/28 16/18/20/24/26/27.5/28
Motor Weight 2.0kg 2.1kg
Throttle Optional Optional
Power Management Yes Yes
Current Stages 3 - 9 Freely selectable from 1A to 15A Freely selectable from 1A to 15A
Motor Spoke Holder 36 (partially 32 available) 36 (partially 32 available)
Motor Hub Spacing 100mm 135mm
Rated Power 250W 250W
Voltage 36V 36V
Construction Type Gear motor with freewheel Gear motor with freewheel
Brake Disc Mounting Yes Yes
Activation Cadence Cadence
Recuperation No No
Factory Settings Controller
Undervoltage Shutdown 25V for 36V rated voltage 25V for 36V rated voltage
Current Limitation Input Side 15A 15A
Instruction & Notes Assembly of Brake Disconnectors (optional) Special brake switches... meer

Instruction & Notes

Assembly of Brake Disconnectors (optional)

Special brake switches are not necessary due to the very short overrun: As soon as you stop pedalling, the motor stops the support within 0.3 seconds. If you still want to have brake switches, you can easily adjust them at any time and for any type of brake. For this you also need our EBS cable distributor 4-fold. This has a total of four connections for the display, throttle grip (optional) and two for the brake switches.


Hub Spacing in the Rear Wheel When Using a Plug-In Cassette

The cassette recording is compatible with almost all common models, often also with 11-fold cassettes. The installation width of 135mm is independent of the plug-in cassette used, it is determined by the built-in cassette holder. With 7-fold plug-in cassettes, two discs must be placed underneath so that the cassette is firmly seated. You can order the washers at the top of this page. Further dimensions of the motor can be found in the dimension drawing in the above picture gallery.

Beschikbare downloads:
Services of EBS Save-In Service: Professional Impeller Construction Gladly we take over the... meer

Services of EBS

Save-In Service: Professional Impeller Construction

Gladly we take over the professional impeller construction for you. Our mechanics process only high-quality components and pay particular attention to robustness and longevity. We only use stainless steel spokes and, if technically possible, highly stable aluminium hollow-chamber rims. Please indicate in the order comment after the shopping cart how many pinions/wheels your plug-in cassette has and whether you want a certain valve type (AV/DV/SV). You can also send us your own rim for spoking instead. Please keep in mind, however, that we cannot reduce the price, as the accurate measurement requires additional work. If you would like to order a Tadpole Trike, please let us know in the order note, as it may be necessary to save differently. We will then contact you.


Conversion in our Workshop

You don't want to retrofit your bike yourself? No problem, in our workshop we can convert your ordinary bicycle into an electric bicycle with the conversion kit you have requested. In addition to the retrofit, you will receive a free initial inspection!

Your Advantages with EBS All components of the conversion kit have been tested by us and... meer

Your Advantages with EBS

EBS Premium Technik: Modification

All components of the conversion kit have been tested by us and modified to our high standard. By continuously improving the individual parts and the system communication, Ebike Solutions can provide you with a perfectly matched set of replacement parts with high-quality features. The advantages of an EBS system at a glance:

  • Harmonious driving experience due to power control in the controller
  • Water protected and upgraded wiring
  • Tread sensors matching the bottom bracket, freely selectable and free of charge
  • Various display upgrades
  • Different throttle grip options
  • Easy adjustment of cable lengths through finely graduated extension cables

Cable system

All cables of the EBS Plug & Drive are equipped with water-protected plug connections – just plug them together and you're done. The length of the connecting cables is adjusted to suit typical conversions. We have extensions for all important cables in our range.

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