Ricambi E-Bike

Here you will get an overview of necessary or optional additions for your conversion kit.

Necessary Add-Ons


Despite the BionX Conversion Kit there is no pre-built wheel available from us, meaning the motor has not yet been laced to a rim. We recommend our lacing service, with our experienced mechanics handling the complete wheel building for you. We exclusively use highest-quality components from reputable manufacturers.

Rear Wheel Motors: Screw-On Freewheels and Cassettes

Rear wheel conversion kits either have a freewheel body for cassettes or a thread for screw-on freewheels. If you buy a motor with a cassette holder and already have a cassette, you can continue to use it. Since screw-on freewheels are rarely used, it is advisable to order them with the purchase of a screw-on freewheel motor.




Our EBS Hi-Power E-Bike batteries do not include a charger. Here you can find a suitable charger. Our EBS PurePower batteries are also available as a set with a matching mounting and a charger to be purchased.


Optional additions



Displays and controls allow you to view additional information about your system and tailor it even better to your needs. We offer different types of displays: from small, functional displays to color displays with different display modes.



Battery Bags

Battery Bags eignen sich ideal dafür Ihren Akku stabil und geschützt vor Umwelteinflüssen unterzubringen. Abhängig von der Fahrradgeometrie kann man diese im Rahmendreieck, an der Sattelstütze, auf dem Gepäckträger oder am Lenker anbringen. Für manche Einsatzzwecke eignet sich auch die Unterbringung in einem Rucksack.


Torque Arms

Our conversions include torque support tab washers that connect the motor axle to the bicycle frame. Torque arms offer an additional support where the torque is transmitted into the frame. Recommended for pedelec front wheel conversions.


Borrow Assembly Tools

Generel bicycle tools as well as special tools for pulling off the crank arms and dismantling the bottom bracket. Recommended for mounting the pedal sensor. Practically: if you only need the tool once, you can borrow it from us.



The use of e-brakes is recommended as it significantly increases the safety of your pedelec. We offer solutions for cable brakes and hydraulic brakes.