EBS programmeerbare Sinus-Controller 6 FET voor Direct lopende motoren

EBS Programmable Controllers are technically complex products for experienced users. Please read... altro

EBS Programmable Controllers are technically complex products for experienced users. Please read this page carefully before asking your questions.

These well-proven and high-quality controllers are equipped with 6 MOS-FETs. Built-in high-quality components (MOS-FETs and ELKOS) provide greater longevity and less heat build-up. Programmable functions and compatibility to many hub motors offer a huge selection of applications. If you wish to select a setting different from standard, please choose in the drop down menu above.

In any case, always note the manufacturer's voltage and current specifications. Choosing inappropriate settings can damage the connected battery or motor. Ebike Solutions disclaims any liability for damages caused by an inappropriate configuration.

For programming a USB programming cable is required which is not included in the delivery. Further information for the programming of the controller can be found in the USB-programming cable's product pages. Inappropriate configuration can cause severe damages to the controller. Removing the seal from the controller voids warranty.

Instructions for use can be downloaded below.


Product details cops01-6-48b cops01-6-72b copsl01-6-48b
Hall sensor activation yes yes no
Cycle Analyst port no yes no
Recuperation optional optional optional

Technical data cops01-6-48b cops01-6-72b copsl01-6-48b
standby power consumption less than 1W less than 1W less than 1W
Maximum voltage 60V total 90V total 60V total
Rated Voltage 24-48V 24-72V 24-48V
Continuous power 350W 20A (at 36V) 350W 25A (at 36V) 350W 20A (at 36V)
MOS-FET Type IRFB3307 IRFB4110 IRFB3307
Controller (MCU) XJC8B11 IRFB4110 XJC8B11
Weight including cables approx. 270g approx. 300g approx. 270g
length 103mm / 125mm including clips 103mm / 125mm including clips 103mm / 125mm including clips
width 65mm 65mm 65mm
thickness 33mm 33mm 33mm
programmed default settings
Current limitation approx. 14A approx. 14A approx. 14A
Rated Voltage 36V 36V 36V
low voltage switch-off approx. 30V approx. 30V approx. 30V
Steps 50/75/100% 50/75/100% 50/75/100%

Advice for customizing the controller


Low voltage switch-off and maximum current

For correct numbers for Ebike Solutions batteries, please refer to the respective product pages. For any products not made by us please contact the respective manufacturer.


Adjusting levels

The levels set a limit of a certain percentage of the maximum speed. These levels do not limit power output. As long as no levelled button is installed the system is automatically set to level 2. To use with 6-level display select 100/100/100%

The steps can be shifted from the controller by manually by-passing the cables.

Steps Bridge between
1 black - red
2 none
3 black - green


Recuperation (recycling energy)

Using a solder bridge and a special programming the controller can be prepared for recuperation. In order for recuperation to be actually possible a direct drive motor is mandatory. We can adjust recuperation to three levels: Weak for 16-18" wheels, medium for 20-24" wheels and powerful for 26-28" wheels. You can use the medium recuperation for 16-18" wheels to achieve a higher recuperation rate.

Technische Daten cops03-6-48b cops05-6-48b Standby Stromverbrauch... altro
Technische Daten cops03-6-48b cops05-6-48b
Standby Stromverbrauch unter 1W unter 1W
Maximale Spannung 60V absolut 60V absolut
Nennspannung 24-50,4V 24-50,4V
Dauerleistung Strom 350W 20A (bei 36V) 350W 20A (bei 36V)
Gewicht mit Kabeln ca. 270g ca. 270g
Länge 103mm / 125mm mit Laschen 103mm / 125mm mit Laschen
Breite 65 mm 65 mm
Höhe 33 mm 33 mm
Motorphasenstecker Anderson® Powerpole® XT150
Hallsensorstecker 5-pol JST (weiblich) 5-pol JST (weiblich)
Akkustecker  Anderson® Powerpole® XT90s
voreingestellte Standardwerte
Strombegrenzung ca. 14A ca. 14A
Nennspannung 36V 36V
Unterspannungsabschaltung ca. 26V ca. 26V
Stufen 50/75/100% 50/75/100%

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Alle cops03 sind mit Anderson® Powerpole® als Motorphasenstecker, 5-pol JST (weiblich) als Hallsensorstecker und Anderson® Powerpole® als Akkustecker ausgestattet.


EBS Programmierbarer Sinus-Controller für Direktläufer-Sensormotoren 6 FET - bis 48V