New generation EBS Hi-Power E-Bike Batteries

New EBS Hi-Power E-Bike Batteries offer the same range while being 20% lighter than e.g. BionX batteries. This is possible due to the use of 18650PD cells. At the time, his type of cell is the technologically best cell to be available for e-bike batteries in the market. In addition to the weight advantage these cells convince by large capacity, high current ability and a very good voltage level. This way the battery offers more power and can supply energy to even the most powerful motors in order to make full use of their performance.

For optimum charging and discharging cycles all EBS Hi-Power Batteries are equipped with a state-of-the-art Battery Management System. It ensures a battery's optimum charging and discharging and protects cells from over charging and total discharge. This way a battery pack's longevity and safety are significantly increased.

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