EBS folding bike kit completely revamped

Electric mobility with your folding bike is now more simple and comfortable than ever before. The revamped EBS Folding Bike Conversion Kit offers a whole new range of novelties: Reactivity and modulation are as good as never before thanks to the 12 magnet disc. When starting you will be supported after only a quarter crank revolution and coastdown time is only about half a second. At 2kg (4.4lbs) only the EBS Mini Folding Bike Motor is the lightest gear motor in our selection. Additionally it accelerates your folding bike super silently and offer a high efficiency factor. The same comfortable display that convinced our customers with the Plug & Drive is now responsible for activation and control. The controller can withstand any weather and due to its compact size is well-adapted to the needs of folding bike riders. The ready-to-plug-in cables and splittable 12-magnet disc enable a fast and easy conversion.

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