Baterías de pedelec

Battery for electric bicycle

The battery is at the heart of your electric drive, it is recharged by plugging into a socket outlet and supplies necessary energy to your bike while riding. The batteries capacity is measured in Ampere hours (Ah). The higher the capacity the more km (mls) you can ride with your pedelec.

Alle our EBS pedelec batteries feature a voltage of 36V and are based on advanced lithium-ion technology. Standard delivery includes a mounting bracket and an adequate charging device. A state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) is integrated into every battery to ensure optimum use of energy and to protect the battery from damage by overcharge or total discharge.

EBS PurePower Frame Battery & EBS PurePower V3 Frame Battery

All listed lithium-ion batteries incl. BMS for 25 A continuous discharge current.

EBS PurePowerEBS PurePower V3
EBS PurePower frame battery 36V EBS PurePower V2 frame battery 36V
Capacity Capacity
13,8 Ah
17,25 Ah
17,25 Ah
24,15 Ah
Installation dimensions; Installation dimensions;
360 x 82 x 132 mm 365 x 90 x 95 mm
365 x 90 x 110 mm
Weight Weight
2,8 kg
3,3 kg
3,3 kg
4,2 kg

EBS Pedelec Battery

EBS watter bottle battery incl. BMS for 25 A continuous discharge current, EBS seatpost battery und EBS pannier rack battery for 30 W continuous discharge current.

EBS Watter Bottle BatteryEBS Seatpost BatteryEBS Pannier Rack Battery
EBS pedelec water bottle battery 36V EBS pedelec seatpost battery 36V EBS pedelec pannier rack battery 36V
Capacity Capacity Capacity
14 Ah 14 Ah 14 Ah
Installation dimensions Installation dimensions Installation dimensions
L: 351 mm, Ø 103 mm 180 x 123 x 135 mm 342 x 148 x 59 mm
Weight Weight Weight
2,6 kg 2,5 kg 2,4 kg

What do I Have to Consider When Choosing my Battery?

The first question when choosing a battery is: How far do I want to ride? The given number for a batteries range is quite inaccurate, since the actual range depends on how much you pedal along and if or how many uphill sections are along the route. The calculated estimate for a 9.6Ah battery is about 43 to 69km (27 to 43mls) with an 11.6Ah battery it's around 50-80km (30 to 50mls).

Second question when choosing a battery is: Where do I want to place my battery? Here, we offer three different possibilities, to mount the battery: At the seatpost, at the water bottle mount or inside a special pannier rack, which will replace your existing one.


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