EBS Climber - 250W Pedelec Umbausatz

EBS Climber - 250W Pedelec Umbausatz
The EBS Climber is our trekking conversion kit. The Bafang BPM motor is the ideal mixture of... more

The EBS Climber is our trekking conversion kit. The Bafang BPM motor is the ideal mixture of city and mountain engine. Usual everyday rides are easily mastered as well as longer routes with different degrees of gradient. Despite its compact size und unobtrusive design, it offers you high performance. This drive unit supports you in every situation and every terrain, whether in the plain or in the hills. You would rather use your own screw ring instead of a new one? No problem, the EBS Climber conversion kit can also be supplied with our Bafang CST rear-wheel motor with a cassette holder! Thus, this conversion kit is perfect for everyone who prefers a good mixture of City Bike and MTB.

The EBS Climber 250W Pedelec Conversion Kit is suitable for every ride and especially for tours in rough terrain.

EBS Climber 250W Pedelec conversion kit... and its preferred area of application
mix of city and mountain motor for trekking bikes
stronger than Bafang, smaller than Puma for tours in hilly landscapes
also available with cassette holder for trips in and around the city
Bafang SWXH Motor for Front and Rear Wheel For the EBS Climber conversion kit Ebike... more

Bafang SWXH rear wheel motor 36V 250W

Bafang SWXH Motor for Front and Rear Wheel

For the EBS Climber conversion kit Ebike Solutions exclusively uses well-proven, latest generation 250 Watt Bafang gear motors. This type of motor is extremely reliable and when well maintained has a longevity of more than 25,000 km (15,500mls). This has been confirmed by our own experience as well as customer feedback.

Despite its exceptional performance, this brushless motor is not much bigger than a freewheel and has a low weight of only 2.9kg (6.4lbs). These beneficial properties are possible due to its sophisticated construction: Encased in its housing is a planetary gear that saves unnecessary material and provides the motor with good climbing abilities. The smooth-running freewheel enables you to ride with low effort even when the motor is switched off because the motor rotates easily in the direction of travel. Due to a built in disc brake mount the EBS Climber conversion kit is compatible to rim brakes as well as disc brakes. Thanks to a fast-decoupling device the wheel can easily be separated from the system to enable an uncomplicated tyre repair.

Bafang cassette motor 36V 250W

Bafang CST 250W Rear Wheel Motor with Freewheel Cassette

The Bafang 250W motor now also is available as cassette motor. Due to the integrated cassette there is no need for a screw-on type freewheel. Your advantage: You can keep using your existing freewheel. The modern cassette system offers a great range of available gear ratios. By keeping the cassette that belongs to your shifting system you also retain the shifting precision you are used to which is far above that of any aftermarket screw-on freewheel. Like the Bafang motor for screw-on freewheels it has a fast decoupling system. Thanks to this device the wheel can easily be separated from the system to enable an uncomplicated tyre repair. The cassette motor features a well-known 6-hole-pattern brake disc mount.

The EBS Climber 250W Pedelec Conversion Kit's display

EBS Display: All Data at a Glance

With the EBS Climber 250W Pedelec Conversion Kit's modern and brightly illuminated display you always keep full control. The display features remaining battery capacity, selected speed support, kilometres travelled, and time of day. By pressing the button once the display also shows average and maximum speed as well as total kilometres travelled with the conversion kit. The on-demand background lighting comes in handy at night or in bad weather to keep the display easily readable.

Neue Displays für den EBS Plug & Drive 250W Pedelec Umbausatz

Now with Display Upgrade

The Climber conversion kit can be upgraded by a new display. They are available in landscape, upright or large format. The displays feature a larger area to show all data more clearly. The LCD screen improves the display's clarity and contrast. For the best possible overview we recommend the large format LCD display with impressive measurements of 63 x 104 x 48mm. For the detail-obsessed we offer LCD displays in landscape or upright format since they offer additional customizable features.

EBS Plug & Drive 250W Pedelec Umbausatz Feature: Gasgriff

Optional Thumb Throttle as Start-Assist

The Climber Pedelec Conversion Kit now offers you an optional start-assist up to 6 kph (4mph). This way you can faster accelerate from the halt, which comes in handy with heavy bikes or as a push-assist. The initial speed can precisely be modulated and a short reaction time ensures a fast start from a set of lights. All legal requirements are still being fulfilled. It's your choice to attach a power throttle - the conversion kit also works without one. There's several ergonomically shaped grips available for purchase. Their respective function always stays the same.

EBS Cadence Sensor: Tool-Less Installation, Fast Start and Short Coastdown Time

PAS, EBS Climber 250W Pedelec Conversion Kit The cadence sensor (or PAS = Pedal Assist Sensor) recognizes the rider's pedalling movement and monitors the motor assist accordingly. With a flick of the wrist it's attached to the frame via zip-tie and industrial strength double-sided adhesive tape. Attach the splittable magnet disc to the bottom racket axle, neither further work nor any tool is necessary. The EBS Climber ensures a fast start-assist and a very short coastdown time thanks to the high amount of 12 magnets. The support already sets in after a quarter revolution of the crank, which is decisively faster than all systems with 6 magnets. The coastdown time is very short: The motor stops only 0.3 seconds after you stop pedalling. That's why you don't need a brake-activated kill switch or perform any alterations on your existing brake system.
The EBS cadence sensor features two hall sensors to detect if the wheel is turning and in which direction. Thereby it can only activate the motor support when moving forward. This way you can safely backpedal any time without starting the motor. In addition the hall sensors enable a very sensitive activation of the system meaning a more comfortable handling.

Please Note: Our splittable magnet disc is suited to fit square butted bb axles. If you own a bike with Hollowtech II or Octalink bottom bracket you will need a special magnet disc. Chose the EBS cadence sensor set that suits you best in the menu item "upgrade options" at the top of the page. For help in determining your bottom bracket, please click here.

EBS IPS Controller

EBS IPS Controller with personalized power monitoring

Now you can tune your bike's handling to your liking even more precisely. New technology enables a precise adjustment of power application. This way you can control directly if you want to have a smooth or rather fast start. You can immediately feel this modification through the smoother transition between steps. This results in better riding comfort and a more natural handling. The customizable power monitoring enables a greater range, because the motor uses less energy in the lower gears and thereby preserves battery capacity.
To learn more about EBS power modulation:

How the EBS IPS-Controllers work

The EBS Climber 250W Pedelec Conversion Kit is monitored via a special EBS controller for IPS systems. It controls the motor via signals from the display and cadence sensor. The controller is built to work with a 36 V battery with 15 A permanent current carrying capacity. The sturdy metal casing dissipates heat and protects the electronics from damage. The controller is absolutely waterproof and can withstand any weather. The controller measures 17 x 5,2 x 4 cm.

36V EBS Pedelec Battery

To operate the EBS Climber Conversion Kit you need a battery. Ebike Solutions offers EBS pedelec batteries in various shapes such as a water bottle, seat post or rack mounted batteries. The electric properties of these 36 V batteries are precisely matched to all EBS Climber Conversion Kits.


Technical Details   Bafang BPM Bafang CST Installation In Front wheel... more

Technical Details

  Bafang BPM Bafang CST
Installation In Front wheel Rear wheel
Motor Weight 4.2kg 4.3kg
Gas Grip Optional Optional
Power Control Yes Yes
Current Stages 1 - 5 3A, 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A 3A, 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A
System Weight Without Battery 5.1kg 5.2kg
Motor Spoke Holder 36 36
Motor Hub Spacing 100mm 135mm
Rated Power 250W 250W
Voltage 36V 36V
Construction Type Gear motor with freewheel Gear motor with freewheel
Brake Disc Mounting Yes Yes
Activation Cadence Cadence
Recuperation No No
Factory Settings Controller
Undervoltage Shutdown 29V for 36V rated voltage 29V for 36V rated voltage
Current Limitation Input Side 15A 15A
Instruction & Notes Assembly of Brake Disconnectors (optional) Special brake switches... more

Instruction & Notes

Assembly of Brake Disconnectors (optional)

Special brake switches are not necessary due to the very short overrun: As soon as you stop pedalling, the motor stops the support within 0.3 seconds. If you still want to have brake switches, you can easily adjust them at any time and for any type of brake. For this you also need our EBS cable distributor 4-fold. This has a total of four connections for the display, throttle grip (optional) and two for the brake switches.

Assembly of the Brake Disc

Front wheel and rear wheel motors are equipped with a 6-hole brake disc holder. The new housing for the PUMA is considerably slimmer than the previous model, so that now ALL brake disc sizes can be mounted. Previous PUMA models had only 203 brake discs compatible.

Note: Only use 5x8mm screws to mount the brake disc. Longer screws will block the mechanics of the motor and may damage your conversion kit. Suitable screws can be found here: 5x8mm stainless steel TORX screws.

Hub Spacing in the Rear Wheel When Using a Plug-In Cassette

The cassette recording is compatible with almost all common models, often also with 11-fold cassettes. The installation width of 138mm is independent of the plug-in cassette used, it is determined by the built-in cassette holder. Further dimensions of the motor can be found in the dimension drawing in the picture gallery above.

Verfügbare Downloads:
Services of EBS Save-In Service: Professional Impeller Construction Gladly we take over the... more

Services of EBS

Save-In Service: Professional Impeller Construction

Gladly we take over the professional impeller construction for you. Our mechanics process only high-quality components and pay particular attention to robustness and longevity. We only use stainless steel spokes and, if technically possible, highly stable aluminium hollow-chamber rims. Please indicate in the order comment after the shopping cart how many pinions/wheels your plug-in cassette has and whether you want a certain valve type (AV/DV/SV). You can also send us your own rim for spoking instead. Please keep in mind, however, that we cannot reduce the price, as the accurate measurement requires additional work. If you would like to order a Tadpole Trike, please let us know in the order note, as it may be necessary to save differently. We will then contact you.


Conversion in our Workshop

You don't want to retrofit your bike yourself? No problem, in our workshop we can convert your ordinary bicycle into an electric bicycle with the conversion kit you have requested. In addition to the retrofit, you will receive a free initial inspection!

Your Advantages with EBS All components of the conversion kit have been tested by us and... more

Your Advantages with EBS

EBS Premium Technik: Modification

All components of the conversion kit have been tested by us and modified to our high standard. By continuously improving the individual parts and the system communication, Ebike Solutions can provide you with a perfectly matched set of replacement parts with high-quality features. The advantages of an EBS system at a glance:

  • Harmonious driving experience due to power control in the controller
  • Water protected and upgraded wiring
  • Tread sensors matching the bottom bracket free of charge selectable
  • Various display upgrades
  • Different throttle grip options
  • Easy adjustment of cable lengths through finely graduated extension cables

Cable system

All cables of the EBS Plug & Drive are equipped with water-protected plug connections – just plug them together and you're done. The length of the connecting cables is adjusted to suit typical conversions. We have extensions for all important cables in our range.

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