Ideal Diodes

Ideal Diodes

  • Special diode with very small voltage drop
  • Perfectly suited for parallel circuiting battery packs
  • With cooling element suitable up to 30A continuous current

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Ideal Diodes Ideal Diodes


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Installation and Operating Instructions Ideal Diodes V1.0.pdf Installation and Operating Instructions Ideal Diodes V1.0.pdf 0.50 MB


Ideale Diode - an electronically monitored power semiconductor (MOS-FET) that behaves like a conventional diode and allows current to pass in one direction only, yet features a much smaller drop of voltage and therefore less heat build-up.

Perfectly suited to parallel circuit different battery packs since it prevents from dangerous compensating currents. W/o cooling element suited for up to 15A with cooling element up to 30A. For higher currents several diodes can be parallel circuited. Suited for maximum voltage of up to 90V (data sheet including tips for further applications ready for download below).

Often suitable for other electric applications where voltage drop of existing diodes needs to be reduced.