Our Conversion Partners


You can buy EbikeSolutions e-drive systems from our conversion partners and also have them installed by them. In addition our conversion partner are there for you to answer your technical questions and provide service.

Our conversion partners


Our conversion partners

PeschBike Shop Pesch
Havelbergerstraße 41
19336 Bad Wilsnack
phone: 0049 38791808994

StutenseeFahrradlädle Stutensee
Zollhausstr. 1
76297 Stutensee
phone: 0049 7249 8859
email: Fahrradlaedle@web.de

radspezialFahrradladen radspezial
Kaiserstraße 18
38100 Braunschweig
phone: 0531 4719 249
E-Mail: volker.voge@lebenshilfe-braunschweig.de

psrPSR Motorräder und Zubehör
Holsteinstr. 2
23812 Wahlstedt
phone: 04554 2994
E-Mail: info@psr-motorrad.de

You want to become a Conversion Partner? Send your request to geschaeftskunden@ebike-solutions.com
Business partner hotline: +49 6221 87106-99

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