The new Plug & Drive Conversion Kit

Thumb throttle included: The new Plug & Drive Conversion Kit now features a thumb throttle. This way you get a start-assist up to 6 kph (4mph). All legal requirements are still being fulfilled. The thumb throttle allows an easier and more precise activation of the motor. Starting speed can therefore be controlled most exactly and using the thumb throttle, motor power can be modulated more directly and precisely.

Personalized power control: Now you can tune your bike\'s handling to your liking even more precisely. The new technology enables a very precise modulation of power. This way you can control directly if you want to have a smooth or rather fast start. You can feel this modification through the smoother transition between steps.. This results in better riding comfort and a more natural handling. With a personalized power control your pedelec features a greater range,because in lower levels the motor uses less energy and thereby conserves battery capacity.

Display upgrade: The Plug & Drive Conversion Kit can be upgraded by a new display. They are available in landscape, upright or large format. These displays offer a larger display surfaceto make all data to be displayed more clearly. The LCD screen optimizes clarity and contrast of the display. For the best possible overview we recommend the large format display with the impressive dimensions of 50 x 102 x 47mm. Detail obsessed users will like the additional personalization features of the display in either landscape or upright format.

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