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July 2015

E-bike battery with 3,2 Ah cells

Exclusively available in our shop: e-bike batteries with 3200mAh cells

The E-Bike Battery section has been revised and updated and now contains new battery types. Next to our popular batteries with a cell capacity of 2900mAh we now have also batteries with 3200mAh cells. As the first supplier in Germany we are able to customize batteries with those cells individually. Each product line is available in two versions: 36V and 50V.

E-bike battery

December 2014

Orders before Christmas and company holidaysPanasonic cells for e-bike batteries

Dear Customers, dear business partners,

we happily look back to 2014 as a busy and successful business year. A lot has happened, our company has moved to a new location. Now we finally have a show room and a much larger warehouse. With our new work shop and offices we are well prepared for future growth. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the trust invested in us and also your great sympathy during the weeks of our relocation.

Now it\'s time for a break (and an inventory). Electric Bike Solutions GmbH is on holiday from December 24th to January 6th. We will do our best to ship all orders to receive us until December 19th before Christmas.

We wish all of you and your loved ones a happy Christmas time and Happy Holidays. Also have a Happy New Year 2015 - we are gladly looking forward to another year with you and your passion for electric cycling.

Yours truly, your Ebike Solutions Team

EBS Christmas Batteries

As smart as Santa?

Giving gifts and saving - that\'s how the holidays are fun. Our discounts on selected batteries not only make the presentee happy. No matter if replacement or back-up battery, order until January 6 and save big.

Order until January 31 2015 and save on Christmas specials.

go to EBS Christmas Batteries

November 2014

Special "Herzkranke Kinder Verein" (Association for children with cardiopathy)

In collaboration with the association Herzkinder ("cardiac kids") Ostfriesland we converted the first bikes for children with a heart condition. These children often suffer from a vast physical disabilities and therefore cannot use a conventional bike. Using an electric bike they can participate in school outings and explore their surroundings with friends. This way they regained some independence because they can now ride to school on their own and do not have to be taken by their parents.
We hope these children will have lots of fun cycling and we wish them all the besst for the future.

Pedelec for children with a heart condition

September 2014

Panasonic cells for e-bike batteries

Battery upgrade More capacity - same dimensions

Our batteries using the NCR18650BD cell from Panasonic have a greater capacity with the same dimensions.
The larger capacity of 3200mAh instead of 2900mAh increases range by approx. 10%.

Upgrade to:
36V at 12,8Ah 36V at 16,0Ah 48V at 12,8Ah
48V at 12,8Ah 48V at 16,0Ah

EBS Water Bottle Batteries for pedelecs

A classic in a new design

Our popular EBS Water Bottle Battery now is available in black also. Not only colour has changed but shape and capacity as well. The black battery features compact construction and a larger capacity of 13.6Ah.

show me

August 2014

In Spring 2014 the editors of the TV show "Einfach Genial" ("simply ingenious") wanted to know how a conversion kit works and if converting your bike can be recommended. Show host Arne Voigts retrofitted a bike and test rode it afterwards. This is his report:

{jwplayer video_tag=einfach_genial}

July 2014

New design

New lay-out for e-bike conversion kits

The pages for the e-bike conversion kits were given a new design. Pictures and videos show a conversion kit in action, coloured accentuations mark the most important features and components. Additionally the Characteristics at the beginning of the product description help you to to better get to know a conversion kit. Also
the EBS BMC 1000W and EBS Crystalyte 1000W were given new meaningful names:
the EBS BergFex ("mountain goat") boasts enormous climbing abilities due thanks to its BMC motor, while the EBS FREAK! with its Crystalyte motor is well-known for its high speeds. By reconstructing the page the conversion kits can now better be compared to and distinguished from each other.
This way everybody can find the conversion kit that suits them best.

see EBS BergFex see EBS FREAK!

June 2014

Carl-Bosch-Strasse 2

Ebike Solutions relocates!

Due to the company\'s strong growth our previous offices became too cramped during the last few months. No it\'s time to move:

Beginning June 10 you can visit us at
Carl-Bosch-Strasse 2
in 69115 Heidelberg.

Phone number and addresses will stay the same, of course. Until then we can be contacted as usual. In our new location we can offer a spacious showroom and several parking spaces.

We are gladly looking forward to welcome you in our new premises!

April 2014

Different phone hours during high season

To provide a faster handling of your order and a faster answer to your questions, we have adapted our phone hours to the high demand. We are always there for you: In the morning by email and in the afternoon from 1 p.m. also personally by phone.

We also like to welcome you in our shop from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m..

Happy Easter! Happy Easter!

Ebike Solutions wishes you Happy Easter!

The team of Ebike Solutions thanks all its customers, partners and co-workers for a good year\'s start an wishes

you and your family Happy Easter!

On Saturday April 19, 2014 between Good Friday and Easter Monday we are closed due to these holidays.

Yours truly, your Ebike Solutions Team

January 2014

Bafang mid-mount motor 48V 750W

New: The EBS mid-mount motor

From now on we offer the long-expected EBS Mid-Mount Motor Conversion Kit in our shop. This compact conversion kit is fast and easy to install due its few components. No need to determine your type of bottom bracket and fitting cadence sensor set, since the PAS is already integrated into the motor. Since the motor will be installed into the bottom bracket you can keep using your hub dynamo and your gear hub. The EBS mid-mount motor is also compatible with roller brakes.

EBS mid-mount motor 250W
Exclusively from us: Here the EBS mid-mount motor is also available
in a 750W e-bike version!

EBS mid-mount motor 750W

December 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014

All of us at Ebike solutions wish you and your family

Merry and peaceful Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

We thank you for your trust and try to be there for you again on January 2 2014.

The EBS tool rental: Fast and inexpensive

From now on you can rent the required tools from us: For every kind of bottom bracket we now have rental mounting tool set in stock. Simply order, convert and ship the tools back in the included card board box. You only pay the 9,90€ rental fee no matter which set you order!

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Business hours in December 2013

Please note our different business hours during the holidays.
We are closed from Dec. 20, 4:30 p.m. until January 1 due to company holidays.
We are there for you again on January 2.

November 2013

EBS Delivery Service  - Plug & Drive complete conversion.

Christmas with Ebike Solutions - a unique gift!

Now you can make your loved happy even easier - with the new EBS Delivery Service!

Simply call us, we take care of the rest.

How it works:
We will pick up your bike,
retrofit it with our Plug & Drive Conversion Kit
and deliver it back to your door!

Your pedelec under the Christmas tree - a unique gift!

Order until Dec. 8 2013 to have your pedelec plus a Christmas surprise ready in time for Christmas Eve.

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October 2013

EBS video contest 2013: The winners

and the winner is ...

Lars Stöver from Borstel-Hohenraden!

Congratulations to your win of a GoPro Hero!

We also congratulate:
the runner-up (Garmin Navi): Christoph Bambynek from Lummen
third place (150 € shopping voucher): Wolfgang Reek from Berlin!

Thank you very much for the great videos!!

This is the winning video:

Find all other videos here: www.youtube.com/user/EbikeSolutions

EBS, IPS non-sensor controller 36V 15A in water bottle cage

Well done cross-breed - the new integrated controller!

The EBS IPS non-sensor water bottle cage controller with 36V and 15A is the perfect cross-breed of mounting bracket and controller. The pedelec controller is mounted to the bottom of the water bottle cage. Cables are routed from the bracket directly to the controls and to the motor. This way you get an especially slim and unobtrusive conversion kit.

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August 2013

The Integrated Pedelec Control System (IPS) is the new standard with our pedelec conversion kits! Customers are already familiar with it from the Plug & Drive Conversion Kit. Now the EBS Folding Bike Conversion Kit is also equipped with the new IPS:

EBS Folding Bike Pedelec Conversion Kit with IPS standard + Power control
+ thumb throttle as start-assist
+ display upgrades
+ special mini controller for our EBS Folding Bike Conversion Kits.
EBS Folding Bike Pedelec Conversion Kit with IPS standard

Determine bottom bracket and cadence sensor

Exclusively from us: Determine bottom bracket and cadence sensor the easy way

Until now the installation of cadence sensor and magnet disc were among the most difficult operations within a conversion. Now we have the solution for you! Using the chart you now can easily determine your bottom bracket: no matter if square tapered, Octalink or Hollowtech II-bottom bracket. The new cadence sensor set simplifies the selection of fitting magnet disc and cadence sensor. Adding the mounting tool set you immediately have everything you need to create your own conversion project. Only with us you will find the ideal solution for every bottom bracket type.

See chart.

 ebike-solutions. de - video contest 2013

The great ebike-solutions. de - video contest 2013

You bought a conversion kit from Ebike Solutions? Then enter the great EBS video contest 2013 and win sensational prices!

"Show us your EBS Conversion Kit in action!"

Send us your video of your personal EBS Conversion Kit by email until Sept. 30 2013.
No matter if you are on a bike trip to test the several functions of your conversion kit,
if you show the result of your conversion,
if you go to your limit on- or off-road
or you show us the conversion process with the EBS kit,
we need to know!

Send us your creative, informative or funny videos of your EBS Conversion Kits to the following email:


Entry rules:

  • Conversion Kit consists of EBS components
  • minimum Age: 16 years
  • Duration of video: 60 sec to 5 minutes
  • mailed before end of contest

After having received the email we will post your video on our Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/EbikeSolutions. There, you can vote for your favourite into the top-five, using the rating system. From these entries we will select the winners of first to third place.

Enter your video - it\'s worth it!

In addition to the main prices we raffle off 10x20€ vouchers for our online shop.

Find further information about the entry rules here.

July 2013

Bafang CST

Bafang CST with cassette mount

From now on the Bafang CST motor with cassette mount is available from us. This way all e-cyclists can enjoy a freewheel cassette\'s advantages.

  • Keep using your existing cassette if you like.
  • Benefit from the use of many gear ratios.
  • Improve shifting precision

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The new Plug & Drive Conversion Kit

We have completely revamped the popular Plug & Drive Conversion Kit and specced it with latest features.

Plug & Drive features: Thumb throttle included

- Thumb throttle included: The new Plug & Drive Conversion Kit now features a thumb throttle. This way you get a start-assist up to 6 kph (4mph). All legal requirements are still being fulfilled. The thumb throttle allows an easier and more precise activation of the motor. Starting speed can therefore be controlled most exactly and using the thumb throttle, motor power can be modulated more directly and precisely.

Plug & Drive features: personalized power control

- personalized power control: Now you can tune your bike\'s handling to your liking even more precisely. The new technology enables a very precise modulation of power. This way you can control directly if you want to have a smooth or rather fast start. You can feel this modification through the smoother transition between steps.. This results in better riding comfort and a more natural handling. With a personalized power control your pedelec features a greater range,because in lower levels the motor uses less energy and thereby conserves battery capacity.

Plug & Drive features: Thumb throttle included

- Display upgrade: The Plug & Drive Conversion Kit can be upgraded by a new display. They are available in landscape, upright or large format. These displays offer a larger display surfaceto make all data to be displayed more clearly. The LCD screen optimizes clarity and contrast of the display. For the best possible overview we recommend the large format display with the impressive dimensions of 50 x 102 x 47mm. Detail obsessed users will like the additional personalization features of the display in either landscape or upright format.

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June 2013

Company car? - no, thanks!

Since December company bikes and company cars offer the same tax benefits. A convenient alternative to the company car especially for those you live in proximity to their work. Those who have a longer commute will also benefit from this: Since electric bikes, too can be used as company vehicles. Yet, this applies for pedelecs only. The 25kph (15mph) maximum supported speed also applies. But also e-bikes and s-pedelecs can be registered as "company motor vehicle". Those who until now could not decide whether to retrofit their bike, now have the possibility to test how fun riding to work is. Using the "one-percent-rule" (German tax law) the pedelec can also be used in your spare time. A tempting offer that\'s definitely worth to think about.
Advantages and requirements can be found here.

New rules for start-assist

Until now it was not sure whether pedelecs with start-assist can be categorized as bikes. Since June 21 2013 these pedelecs are now categorized by law as bikes. This change of rule is noted in the Bundesgesetzblatt ("Federal Law Gazette") under no 29, art. 5. This clause also rules that electric bicycles with a start- or push-assist are allowed to use bike lanes/paths. License plate and a special driving license are not necessary. We are glad to see that electric bicycles have become a more and more important subject to legislators\' interests.
click picture to enlarge.

Bike locks now available

New in shop: Bike locks now available

Now you can order a fitting bike lock together with your conversion kit from us. High-quality ABUS products protect your electric bicycle from unauthorized access. From chain locks to frame locks to the Bordo folding lock we have put together a first-class selection.

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Lower prices: Sunrace screw-on freewheels

We have substantially lowered the prices of: High-quality screw-on freewheels from Sunrace with large to very large gear selection. Ideal for very steep inclines.

Sunrace freewheel 9-speed 11-32T - instead of 49,90€ now only 39,90€
Sunrace freewheel 10-speed 11-36T - instead of 79,90€ now only 69,90€

"Ride your bike to work"

June 1 is the beginning of ADFC\'s (German Bicycle Advocacy Association) and AOK\'s (German public health insurance organisation) campaign "ride your bike to work". Anyone can participate by riding your bike to work on at least 20 days within the campaign\'s duration. Distance is no matter. All bike enthusiasts are eligible for great prices. Campaign ends August 31. E-Bike managed to get five teams into the competition: From managing office to battery construction staff, they all take part. Visit our social media channels facebook.com/Ebike.Solutions and gplus.to/ebikesolutions.de to learn more about the teams and support your favourites.
You, too. take part!:
Simply register, start riding and win prices.

May 2013

New model: EBS Water Bottle Battery plus mounting bracket

EBS Pedelec Water Bottle Battery set 36V, 9.6Ah The new water bottle battery has arrived: With 9.6Ah it now offers more power. The mounting bracket was modified also: Contact are now placed directly inside the bracket and the power cable is tightly attached to it. This means increased comfort in installation and handling. The bracket is also visually attractive: No more extra cables and nicely inclined base plate.

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April 2013

Easter special: Focus on Ebike Solutions:

Local newspaper "Blickpunkt Heidelberg" (Focus on Heidelberg) reported about electric bicycles and conversion. They asked our team for support. Read the article here:
(click picture to open PDF.)

Sales staff wanted

To support our sales and customer service team, we are looking for an ambitious colleague (m/f). For further information, please click here. go to job offers


Ebike Solutions wishes you Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!The team of Ebike Solutions thanks all its customers, partners and co-workers for a good year\'s start. On Saturday March 30, 2013 between Good Friday and Easter Monday we are closed due to these holidays.

We wish you and your family Happy Easter!
Your Ebike Solutions Team

Successful advice: "Electric grin" in ZuM

This year again our counselling days about pedelecs taking place at ZuM ("Zentrum für umweltbewusste Mobilität"/ "Centre for environmentally conscious mobility") were met with great interest. Electric mobility is on the rise. Newbies and experienced pedelec users came to gather information about different e-drive technologies. Conversion was in the focus of attention and our staff was questioned in great detail about the several possibilities of conversion. Test rides turned out to be the highlight. Most test riders came back with the typical "electric grin". For us this meant a great prove that electric mobility is fun.

ZuM counselling days March 2013 1 ZuM counselling days March 2013 2 ZuM counselling days March 2013 3

Special-bike fair in Germersheim

Special-purpose-bike fairOn April 27 and 28 Germersheim again will be THE venue for all bike enthusiasts.
Exceptional is the word of the day. The world\'s largest fair for special-purpose bikes this year welcomes exhibitors from 15 countries. There\'s also a large lecturing program. Travel photographer and film maker Maximilian Semsch will be a guest. He travelled 16,000km (10,000mls) with his pedelec and thereby crossed Australia, the sixth largest country in the world within six month.

E-Bike will be this year\'s fair main focus. The Special-purpose-bike fair shows that electric bicycles become more and more important.

This year we won\'t be participating as an exhibitor but we wish all participants a nice
"special" weekend!

Counselling days about pedelecs taking place at ZuM ("Zentrum für umweltbewusste Mobilität"/ "Centre for environmentally conscious mobility")

March 26 and 27 the "Eco city Rhine-Neckar" association will offer Counselling days about pedelecs. From 10 a.m.to 6 p.m. everyone interested can gather information about electric bicycles at ZuM ("Zentrum für umweltbewusste Mobilität"/ "Centre for environmentally conscious mobility").
We will be present on both days from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.. There we will e available to answer all kinds of technical questions.

We are gladly looking forward to welcome you!

Google Plus: Lots of possibilities

Ebike Solutions on Google Plus

You can now visit us on our Google Plus page gplus.to/ebikesolutions. There we offer interesting information about e-bikes and pedelecs and attractive bargains for you.
Did you have your bike retrofitted by us or did you install the conversion kit yourself?
Send us your photos and we will post them on Google Plus! Have your bike admired by others, chat and comment other people\'s conversions. All this is possible on our new platform.
We are looking forward to your visit and lots of interesting conversation.

February 2013

Available again: Magura kill switch for hydraulic brakes

New Magura brake kill switch with BionX connector From now on the popular Magura kill switches for hydraulic brakes are available again. After having been unclear for a longer time, if Magura kill switches will ever be continued to be made, Magura now seems to be able to deliver, again. Of course we re-stocked our warehouse immediately and are now able to offer kill switches in well-renowned Magura quality.

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January 2013

New generation EBS Hi-Power E-Bike Batteries.

New generation EBS Hi-Power E-Bike Batteries New EBS Hi-Power E-Bike Batteries offer the same range while being 20% lighter than e.g. BionX batteries. This is possible due to the use of 18650PD cells. At the time, his type of cell is the technologically best cell to be available for e-bike batteries in the market. In addition to the weight advantage these cells convince by large capacity, high current ability and a very good voltage level. This way the battery offers more power and can supply energy to even the most powerful motors in order to make full use of their performance.

For optimum charging and discharging cycles all EBS Hi-Power Batteries are equipped with a state-of-the-art Battery Management System. It ensures a battery\'s optimum charging and discharging and protects cells from over charging and total discharge. This way a battery pack\'s longevity and safety are significantly increased.

see battery selection

New in shop: 10-speed screw-on freewheel for e-bikes and pedelecs in top quality

10-speed screw-on cogset 11-36 teeth We are finally able to offer a 10-speed screw-on freewheel especially adapted to the demands of e-bikes and pedelecs. No matter what terrain you use your bike in, this freewheel always offers the right gear: With a huge gear selection of 11 to 36 teeth you can make optimum use your legs\' power at high speeds as well as on steep inclines. This version is exceptionally robust: Spider and spacers are made from gold-anodized aluminium, the sprockets from very tough hi-tensile steel.

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December 2012

Ebike Solutions wishes Marry Christmas - company holidays from Dec 22 to Jan 1

The Ebike Solutions team thanks all customers and partners for their trust and wishes all of you and your families Marry and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013.
After a successful and busy year we have our company holidays from Dec 22 to Jan 1. During this time, business will be closed. We are gladly looking forward to there for you from January 2.

Your Ebike Solutions Team

August 2012

EBS folding bike kit completely revamped

Brompton with EBS folding bikeEBS Folding Bike 180W Pedelec Front Wheel Conversion Kit Electric mobility with your folding bike is now more simple and comfortable than ever before. The revamped EBS Folding Bike Conversion Kit offers a whole new range of novelties: Reactivity and modulation are as good as never before thanks to the 12 magnet disc. When starting you will be supported after only a quarter crank revolution and coastdown time is only about half a second. At 2kg (4.4lbs) only the EBS Mini Folding Bike Motor is the lightest gear motor in our selection. Additionally it accelerates your folding bike super silently and offer a high efficiency factor. The same comfortable display that convinced our customers with the Plug & Drive is now responsible for activation and control. The controller can withstand any weather and due to its compact size is well-adapted to the needs of folding bike riders. The ready-to-plug-in cables and splittable 12-magnet disc enable a fast and easy conversion.

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SWR (regional public TV station) report about Ebike Solutions

In June we were asked by regional public TV station SWR if we would like to introduce the matter of conversion in a report about the State Expo. Of course we immediately says yes. Since for most of us it was our first TV production, we were all really curious. We use this opportunity to thank the friendly reporting team.

One user posted footage of this report on Youtube:

July 2012

The Ebike Solutions team now will be available to you on Saturdays.

Effective immediately we are open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.! We offer full service answer questions, accept bikes for conversion projects and supply technical support. Especially customers with longer journey will benefit from this, since these business hours do not collide with their work hours. Please visit us, we are happy to welcome you!

June 2012

Rhein Neckar Zeitung ("Rhine-Neckar Times") publishes article about Ebike Solutions

Rhein Neckar Zeitung ("Rhine-Neckar Times") paid a visit to Ebike Solutions to make its readers more familiar with matters of conversion. Please read the - IOHO, well-done - article here: (click picture to open article as PDF.)

RNZ article about Ebike Solutions

May 2012

Shell Eco Marathon 2012: Eco motion wins design award

TILT winner photoTILT vehicle

Ebike Solutions congratulates eco motion for winning the design award at the Shell Eco Marathon 2012. This university team was able to convince the jury with their prototype TILT. Ebike Solutions supported the university team with an e-drive system consisting of two Crystalyte HS3555 rear wheel motors including controller and two 48V batteries.

Shell Eco Marathon 2012: Ebike Solutions supports pioneers in vehicle construction

TILT drivetrain from Ebike SolutionsTILT motor

Ebike Solutions supported the development and construction team eco motion of Kunsthochschule Halle (Halle Art School) by supplying an e-drive train for the construction of a lightweight electric car. The one-person vehicle named TILT is propelled by two Crystalyte HS3555 rear wheel motors and two 48V batteries. The vehicle will soon be starting in the Shell Eco-marathon 2012. At the time the team is working on the installation of the drive train.

We keep our fingers crossed for the whole team!

Our web shop goes online

New EBS online shop

Just in-time for the beginning of the warm season we start our newly-designed online shop www.ebike-solutions.de. The improved user interface now makes shopping a lot easier. In addition to many other novelties we now offer the Conversion Advisor, to help you on your way to your electric bicycle in five easy steps. Have a look:

Conversion Advisor 1

Or register to our newsletter to always be up-to-date. You will never miss novelties and sale items.

Pedelec information day at the Heidelberg Centre for Environmentally Conscious Mobility.

The EBS Plug & Drive Conversion Kit celebrates its debut at the pedelec information day at the ZuM (Heidelberg Centre for Environmentally Conscious Mobility) and made a great impression being built into a converted Hartje Parera. Visitors were convinced by the modern display, the easy handling and the very short coastdown time of the EBS Plug & Drive Conversion Kit. With the help of an opened Bafang motor we could demonstrate how a geared motor works.

Pedelec Information Day May 2012 1 Pedelec Information Day May 2012 2

April 2012

Conversion - as easy as never before! The new Plug & Drive Conversion Kit

EBS Plug & Drive - 250W Pedelec Rear Wheel Conversion Kit Plug-in components and go! - Conversion can be that easy! During the last months, Ebike Solutions has collected our customers\' wishes and developed a new kit based these wishes. The EBS Plug & Drive Conversion Kit is very easy to install, features water-proof and reverse-polarity proof connectors, a slim controller for easy installation at the frame, a motor fast decoupling system and an advanced display. Upon request we also have accessory e-brakes in stock. You will be amazed by the smooth but powerful start and the low noise.

Convince yourself with a test ride in Heidelberg!

March 2012

New Crystalyte motors have arrived!

Effective immediately we have the new Crystalyte motors HS3555 and HS3540 in stock. Both motors use hall sensors for a smooth start and a brake disc mount. Call us when you are interested.

February 2012 

New in shop: EBS Folding Bike Front Wheel Conversion Kit for Dahon and Tern

EBS folding bike 250W Pedelec Front Wheel Conversion KitFolding bikes become increasingly popular. No wonder, since the bike collapses with a flick of the wrist and can be transported by car or railway. From now on longer trips are possible by folding bike: The EBS Folding Bike Front Wheel Conversion Kit turns your folding bike into a mobility marvel. The electric drive increases your range significantly and you ride fast and comfortable. The electric motor from Crystalyte is especially quiet, smooth-running and elegant direct drive in an anthracite finish.

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January 2012

New in shop: Universal torque arm

Universal torque support fro 12mm and 14mm axlesJust in-time for the start of the year Ebike Solutions has two new products in stock. The universal torque arm is compatible to 12mm and 14mm motor axles. Additionally the torque arm can be mounted in several different angles. That way you have one solution for different applications.

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New in shop: 48V version of the 6-level display

6-level display with start-assist and battery capacity gaugeThe 6-level display with battery capacity gauge and 6 kph start-assist is now also available in a 48V version. The LED display shows the remaining capacity of a 48V battery

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December 2011

Ebike Solutions wishes you Happy Easter!

The team of Ebike Solutions thanks all its customers, partners and co-workers for for your trust and wishes Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

We are there for you between Christmas and New Year\'s Eve.

Ebike Solutions starts winter sale 2011

This winter, we again offer attractive prices to our customers. Convert your bike during winter - and be prepared for a start in spring. Winter sale ended Feb. 29 2012

EBS winter sale 2011

New in shop: BioX

BionX Rear Wheel Conversion Kit PL-250 HT SL 48V frame triangle batteryEffective immediately Ebike Solutions has the new BioX Conversion Kits in stock. We were convinced by the new motors\' activation by pedalling force and by their low weight that could be reduced by 25% while keeping the same power. Two versions are available in our shop. One version is attached into the frame triangle the other fits into the pannier rack.

Frame triangle battery

Rack battery

November 2011

Improved batteries available

EBS Hi-Power E-Bike BatteriesSince Nov. 1 we offer a different selection of improved Hi-power E-Bike Batteries with up-to-date technology. These will supply lots of power to your hi-power e-drive. By using state-of -the-art battery technology we achieve the best mix of safety, weight, voltage level and cycle stability.

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Replacement batteries

Effective immediately we offer replacement batteries for pre-produced pedelecs. 12Ah and 18Ah batteries compatible to Panasonic mid-mount motors are available. They fit almost all models of most manufacturers such as Raleigh, Kalkhoff, Victoria, Moover and Kettler.

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May 2011

EBS inspires with e-bikes and pedelecs on Kärcher mobility day.

Ebike Solutions presented several special-purpose conversions at the mobility day organised by high-pressure washer manufacturer Kärcher. With a large crowd attending there was also much interesting conversation about the matter of electric mobility. Employees and consumers were fascinated by the powerful but silent e-motors that were mounted into several bikes with completely different handling characteristics. Kärcher managing director Thomas Popp (see picture below right) was especially fascinated by our cruiser which he took out for a spin across the premises.

Kärcher Mobility Day 1 Kärcher Mobility Day 2

April 2011

Ebike Solutions attends "Spezi" (special-purpose bike fair)

This year we will be an exhibitor for the 2nd time at the 16th annual Spezialradmesse ("SPEZI" / special-purpose bike fair) in Germersheim. From April 30 to May 1 you can test our products by riding converted bikes. Our staff will be glad to talk to you personally. As last year,our booth can be found in the outdoor area A.18.

We are gladly looking forward to welcome you!


This year, again, "spezi" was a exciting show. At our booth we were able to present a broad selection of conversion solutions to many customers, dealers and other interested persons. Our motor running in an opened casing and our demo station with three operational motors turned out to be real crowd pullers.

Visitors were especially fascinated by our nine show bikes that could be test ridden on a test track or on a track surrounding the fair ground.

A converted Dahon Jetstream bike driven by a 250W rear wheel motor turned out to be the most popular model. The elegant conversion kit convinces by low weight and high power. This enables maximum flexibility and powerful support.

Another crowd pleaser was our converted Hartje Salerno with a Bafang 250W front wheel motor. The combination of electric motor and stepless NuVinci shifting offers optimum uphill support to the rider. This way, otherwise exhausting slopes can be negotiated very easily.

Here, some impressions of the show and our exhibition bikes:

Thanks a lot for your great interest! Yours truly, your Ebike Solutions Team


February 2011

Ex-Federal Secretary of Traffic excited by electric mobility

MP and ex-Federal Secretary of Traffic, Wolfgang Tiefensee lectured about electric mobility on Feb 3 2011 in Heidelberg. After the lecture, Tiefensee and MP Lothar Binding took the opportunity to learn about pedelec and e-bike conversion kits from Ebike Solutions.

Wolfgang Tiefensee supports electric mobility

December 2010

Ebike Solutions wishes you Happy Easter!

The team of Ebike Solutions thanks all its customers, partners and co-workers for for your trust and wishes Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

We are there for you between Christmas and New Year\'s Eve.

June 2010

Ebike Solution takes over das-elektrorad.de.

Ebike Solution takes over the website www.das-elektrorad.de and most of their stock. For personal reasons manager Frank Scheftlein does not want to continue operating the business. We will try to integrate his product into our portfolio to have them available for you as soon as possible.

May 2010

A close look at electric mobility at the "Radwende" fair in Heilbronn

In sunny weather Ebike Solution staff informed interested visitors to the "Aktionstag Radwende Heilbronn" (campaign day "use a bike" Heilbronn) about the advantages of bikes converted to e-drive. By test riding visitors experienced electric mobility in real life. They had the choice between two converted Dahon folding bikes, one ideal for short to middle distances in city traffic one a touring bike for commuters. The public was very interested, and we would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback.

The organizers "Aktionsbündnis Radwende" (Campaign Alliance "use-a-bike") rallies for environmentally conscious mobility and for the promotion of bikes as a means of transportation in Heilbronn.

Radwende Heilbronn 1 Radwende Heilbronn 2

April 2010

Ebike Solutions attends "Spezi" (special-purpose bike fair)

Visit us at "Spezi" (special-purpose bike fair) in Germersheim from April 24 to 25. April 24 to 25. Several folding and special-purpose bikes are ready for a test ride. Of course we will provide detailed advice for your planned conversions. Find more info about the show at www.spezialradmesse.de. Find us in booth 18 in the outdoor area. We are gladly looking forward to welcome you!

Update: Thanks a lot for your great interest at the "Spezi" (special-purpose bike fair) in Germersheim!

This year it was our first time as an exhibitor at Europe\'s largest trade show for special-purpose bikes with demonstration material about battery design, three different electrified folding bikes, a cruiser and a recumbent. Though we had anticipated great interest in our conversion solutions, we were really surprised by the rush. We would like to thank all visitors for their questions, suggestions and orders.

If you wish to cash your "SPEZI" voucher, simply enter the code into the comment section when ordering and transfer the amount of your order minus the show-discount.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Yours, your Ebike Solutions Team


March 2010

  • New screw-on freewheels available
  • 36V Bafang motors significantly lowered in price.

February 2010

  • Starting the pre-spring sale Pre-spring sale ended Mar. 21 2010

December 2009

  • Bafang BPM motors and non-sensor controllers (inc. Infineon) have arrived and are available.
  • New charging devices have arrived, now available: Several charging capacities for 24V, 36V and 48V.
  • Personalized battery design with hi-capacity Li-ion cells (Nickel based positive electrode): Another duplication* of energy density has been made possible for e-bike/pedelec applications (*compared to Li-Mn). The typical e-bike battery (e.g. 36V, 11+ Ah, 400+ Wh) now only weighs 2kg (4.4lbs)

October 2009

  • Welcome Austrians and Swiss! From now on you can directly order from our online shop. Find more detailed information under delivery and shipping costs.
  • Non-sensor Bafang motors and Bafang sensor-controlled rear motors are still being tested.
  • Works towards standardization of all connections between different controllers and motors have started (we orientate ourselves to the "Canadian Standard")

September 2009

  • BMC conversion sets for rear wheel motors in several versions from 400W to 800W have arrived.
  • Special Crystalyte 209 front wheel motors for Dahon and Brompton folding bikes (only 7 cm hub spacing.)
  • Power throttles, battery bags, Crystalyte controllers and lots of accessories available
  • New options: Personalized battery design - we have (almost) all battery sizes and shapes custom-tailored for you.

August 2009

Our web shop goes online - Welcome!

  • High-quality eZee Conversion Kits for different wheel sizes now available. Experience the great starting torque of these small and light geared motors. Buying eZee
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