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Environmental Advice

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Our vision

Yuba Mondo with BMC Conversion Kit

Clean air and fresh water are basic life requirements for all lifeforms. That\'s why we want to leave behind an intact environment for future generations. For this we do our part by using our planet\'s resources as economically as possible. We try our best to

  • avoid electronic waste
  • reduce waste by recycling and
  • by reducing the content of pollutants in electronic devices.

For larger shopping trips to our neighbourhood we use our Yuba Mundo cargo bike that we retrofitted with an e-drive. For many purposes we don\'t use a car anymore.

Green electricity

OK Power Logo

Use green electricity - we are leading by example. Ebike Solutions solely uses green electricity which is to 100% generated from renewable sources. By charging your battery with green electricity your electric bicycle will become an even more eco-friendly alternative to your car for short to medium distances.

In addition, via our energy provider we are contributing to a fund that finances climate protection projects in the Rhine-Neckar region. This fund is managed by Heidelberg City Works and several national and local environmental organisations.


EBS special wheel card board box

As far as possible we only use paper and card board to pack our shipments. We put a lot of effort in the development of a sturdy card board box for shipping wheels built by us. For padding and filling we use shredded recycled paper. A uniform packaging from paper and card board is easy on the environment and simplifies disposal.

Landbell Logo

We take our take-back obligation according to (EU) packaging regulations very seriously. In accordance to local regulations you can discard our packaging via waste-paper disposal, in dedicated card board containers or at your local recycling centre. Our partner Landbell takes care of the recycling of scrap material.



DHL GoGreen

We ship all standard parcels by DHL GoGreen which is climate neutral to 100% For each parcel a small contribution is invested in financing climate protection projects.

Disposal advice for rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries

GRS batteries recycling box, small

You can dispose of the batteries bought from us in any usual retail store. There they will be collected and picked-up by recycling specialists. By partnering with GRS batteries we are involved in a recycling system.

Disposal advice for electric and electronic recyclables

crossed-out rubbish bin symbol

Do not discard your old electric or electronic devices into your household waste. Instead bring them to your local recycling centre or leave them with us. By partnering with take-e-way we are involved in a well-renowned recycling system. Our WEEE-Registration number is DE18344193

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