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The general interest in electric bikes has vastly grown within the last few years. An increasing number of people is asking about riding with electric support. Apart from ready-made models also retrofitted bikes are in the centre of attention. Since this market is quite new there\'s still a lot of questions to be answered. We will answer the most common questions in our various product pages. How much does a conversion kit cost? Can I turn a bicycle into and electric bike? What are the benefits of retrofitting a bike instead of buying a new one? For you to faster find the answers, here is a little overview about our website\'s sections.

Electric bike technology

 Electric bike technology

On our technology page you find information about the function and design of an electric bicycle. Here you find further detail about our EBS Hi-Power Batteries their cells and the BMS used. A chart concerning bottom brackets and magnet discs show you the different products and offers help with installation.

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» Which types of motors are available?
» How do I determine bottom bracket type?
» What is EBS power management?

Conversion Advisor

 Conversion Advisor for electric bicycles

Our Conversion Advisor helps you to choose the right conversion kit for your retrofitted bike. Step by step we will accompany you along the selection process and explain the difference between the individual projects. Be it conversion kit, battery or accessories, here you find everything what you need to operate your electric bike.

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» Where shall I have the motor installed?
» What batteries can I use?
» What else do I need for my electric bike?

About e-bikes

 About e-bikes

There are many names in existence for electric bike or electric bicycle. We use it as an umbrella term for motor supported bikes. It can be diversified further into: Pedelec and e-bike. The page "about e-bikes" will inform about the differences. There you also learn why you should retrofit an electric bike instead of buying a completely new one.

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» What kinds of conversion kits are available?
» Why should I convert?

3 x 3 Good Reasons

 3 x 3 Good Reasons for an electric bike

You haven\'t decided yet, if you want to retrofit or not? Then we have here 3x3 Good Reasons, that will definitely make your decision a lot easier. Be it environmental or cost awareness or matters of convenience, there are many good reasons to retrofit your bike with an e-drive.

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» Why is conversion better than buying new?
» Why shall I have EBS do the conversion?

Electric bike conversion kits

 Electric bike conversion kits.

Find general information about conversion kits on the next page. From there you will easily get to our conversion kits for pedelecs and e-bikes. Which one you want to use to convert your bike into an electric bike depends on which kind of area you want to ride your bike in and which purpose you want to use it for. For choosing the right components the following charts and diagram will be of assistance.

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» What kinds of conversion kits are available?
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Experience electric bicycles

 Electric bike conversion kits

What is the greatest help when one has to decide? Right, pictures! This is why we have put together 13 nice examples of conversions, created by us. If this is still not enough for you, you can have yourself inspired In "current conversions" you find a gallery with many different bike models that have been converted into electric bicycles If you afterwards are eager to ride with an electric tailwind, then treat yourself with a test ride of one of our bikes. What bikes are available for test rides, see "test ride" page.

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